Zumba Dance Session at Byjus
Corporate Zumba, Zumba February 25, 2020

We all know that exercise can get boring after a while. But Dance Fitness is one such exercise where “fun” is the buzzword and the smiles just dont stop! Dancing whether it be Zumba, Bollywood or Jazz can help you to lift your spirits and at the same time firm your butts, tone your thighs and flatten your tummy. Dance Fitness is one such exercise that is fun, sociable, makes you feel refreshingly good and can only be done while listening to good music. Dancing is a fantastic exercise for the whole body and especially so for the lower body including the calves, thighs, butt and stomach all of which get a really good workout after a vigorous dance session.

Enrolling in a group dance class can in fact give you the same fitness level as someone who slogs away at the gym and help you drop a pant or a dress size while at the same time help you have fun and learn something new at the same time. At Wellintra Fitness, we have some of the best dance fitness trainers in India associated with us who help us conduct dance fitness sessions at some of India’s most hallowed corporate companies. Watch some pictures below of a “crazy fun” Zumba session that happened at the head office of well-known learning startup Byjus in Chennai recently. A total of four experienced ZIN’s conducted 30 min sessions for hundreds of employees across 4 floors at the company’s Kushal Towers HO in Anna Salai. The smiling faces of the instructors and the employees of the company is testimony to the success of the dance fitness workouts conducted by our trainers 🙂

Office Zumba Session

wellness at a corporate company India

Zumba Dance Session at Byjus

Best Wellness Companies India

Zumba Dance Sessions Chennai

Zumba Dance Sessions Byjus

Zumba Fitness at Work

Dance Fitness Zumba Dance

Employees Doing Zumba

Zumba Dances Office

Zumba Fitness Corporate

Byjus Corporate Wellness

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