Wellintra Fitness has some of the best yoga instructors in Juhu in Mumbai. Juhu is one of the poshest and most upmarket neighbourhoods in Mumbai where a lot of high profile business people, media personalities and Bollywood actors reside. Juhu residents have a high awareness and appreciation of holistic living, yoga and wellness. Good yoga trainers in Juhu are always busy because there is no dearth of well-paying clients who want to hire a top class yoga instructor. Below are some of the best yoga instructors in Juhu who have a sizeable clientele and excellent reviews.


Advanced Yoga Instructor Juhu

Dhara is a celeb yoga trainer who has a large and loyal set of clients who swear by her unique brand of yoga teaching. Dhara has a diploma in yoga from the Mumbai University and is also a practitioner of Reiki, The Art of Living, Vipasana Meditation, as well as Angel therapy and Crystal Healing.

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Best Hatha Yoga Girl Teacher India

Agriya is one of the best private yoga teachers in Juhu and has built up a list of loyal clients ranging from celebs to business people and actors. Being a model & actor herself, she knows the health problems that young people who live a busy and hectic lifestyle go through. Agriya's yoga sequences heal, uplift and energise.

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Beautiful Yoga Instructor Andheri West Mumbai

Prerna is a young and talented yoga instructor who has many clients from Andheri West to Juhu. Prerna is an ex-media professional and now teaches yoga full time. She has many years of teaching experience in various styles of yoga. Prerna has a select clientele consisting of celebrities and serious learners.

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Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Juhu

Shruti is one of the most popular yoga instructors in Juhu. Having personally undergone a huge transformation in her body and mind after taking up yoga, Shruti knows what it takes to help a person evolve mentally and physically through practice of yoga. Shruti has 900 hrs teacher training certification.

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Yoga Girl Pratiksha Awasthi Bandra Mumbai

Pratiksha is a classical Ashtanga yoga instructor with many clients from Juhu to Andheri West. An ex-corporate employee turned yoga instructor she understands lifestyle-based health issues and addresses them through yoga. Pratiksha creates spaces where students can dive deep into the path of yoga!

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Power Yoga Trainer Juhu

Shweta is a senior yoga instructor who trains advanced students only in Ashtanga and Hatha yoga in Juhu and surrounding areas. Originally from Hyderabad, Shweta has trained many clients in both Hyderabad and Mumbai where she is currently based. Shweta has over ten years of experience in teaching yoga .

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Chloe Celeb Yoga Instructor in Bandra Juhu

Chloe is an advanced yoga instructor well known in the celeb yoga circuit in Mumbai. Chloe is Bollywood actress Surveen Chawla's favourite instructor and has trained her for many years along with other celebrities. Chloe has many teaching certifications & has been mentored in the art of Dharana for over 9 years.

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Female Yoga Trainers Mumbai Juhu

Gyan is a young, motivated and passionate Yoga Trainer with advanced training in Traditional Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow and trains our clients all over Juhu. Gyan has a Post Graduate diploma in Yoga Education from K'dham, Lonavala apart from Yoga & Body Building Training in Manipur.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs for hiring a yoga teacher at home in Juhu?

The cost for hiring a yoga instructor in Juhu depends on the location trainer has to travel and seniority of the instructor.

How are the hourly rates for private lessons in Juhu?

The hourly rates for private yoga lessons at home in Juhu area range from ₹1000 - ₹1500 per hour. Online sessions are usually lesser at ₹800 per hour.

Who are the famous yoga instructors in Juhu?

Dhara Vachharajani, Prerna Malik and Chloe Dodd are the most in-demand yoga trainers in Juhu. Their clients range from Bollywood celebrities to business people.

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