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Functional fitness is a revolutionary training method invented in the US but one that is rooted in the ancient past. Functional fitness follows training principles that integrate and not isolate unlike gym workouts. By training with complex movement sequences, your fitness trainer will help you use entire muscle chains that mimics the actions you use for everyday life. Functional fitness workouts emphasize quality over quantity and make use of your body's own stabilizer muscles instead of external stabilizers such as chairs or benches. Body awareness and coordination are important elements of training and there is more emphasis on muscle and joint mobility that are important for quality of life and injury prevention in sports.

Our Personal Trainers have the following qualities

Teaching Methods

Our Functional Fitness trainers will carry small equipment such as elastic resistance equipment (bands, loops, tubes), weights, ropes, and unstable surfaces. The fitness industry constantly offers new toys to generate new motivation and new training stimuli. When using small training equipment for functional fitness, our guiding principle is not about getting shiny toys but individual tools for individual clients!

A client assessment is necessary for a specific training dosage before a Functional fitness training program. Exercises that are chosen by your trainer will correspond with your personality, the sport that you enjoy playing, your training experience and your availability. Our trainer will customize the training load depending on your fitness level, season, training method and the business of your schedule.

Training Frequency per Week will depend on the results of your fitness level assessment.1. 1-2 times/week (unfit) 2. 2-3 times/week (moderately fit) 3. 3-4 times/week (fit)

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