Shweta Zumba Instructor Corporate Offices


Age: Thirties
Experience: 6 + years
Specialization: Zumba

Shweta is an ace Zumba instructor who conducts group sessions for corporate employees. Shweta helps those who are new to Zumba as well as experienced Zumba buffs experience the magic of Zumba. In every class of hers, she breaks up the rhythm into three different temps that build up gradually so that participants feel comfortable with each step before progressing to the next. Shweta's Zumba classes are intoxicating and a whole lot of fun. Regular attendance of her Zumba sessions will help you build strength and stamina, improve your cardiovascular system and lead you on the bath to body transformation and all this while you have the time of your life!

Training Experience

What are Shweta's qualifications?

Shweta is a certified Zumba Basic Instructor and is also certified in Strong by Zumba and Zumba Sculpt & Tone.

What is Shweta's teaching style?

Shweta believes that even with a very busy life, one can still squeeze some dance fitness exercise in your schedule with proper planning. With the help of dance fitness, Shweta can help participants get toned, sculpted and change the shape of their bodies.

Can Shweta help me lose weight?

Yes! With her combination of heart-pumping cardio, body sculpting and resistance moves, Shweta's dance fitness classes can help you accelerate fat loss and help you lose a trouser or dress size! Whether you are trying to get in shape for a special event or simply want to tone your muscles, Shweta's classes delivers surefire results.

Does Shweta conduct Zumba classes for corporate employees?

Yes! Shweta conducts Zumba sessions for employees at many companies across India. Contact us to book Shweta for a corporate Zumba session for your employees.


Fat Loss
Body Toning & Sculpting
Strength & Conditioning

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