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Corporate Yoga, Diet And Nutrition August 30, 2015

Our highly qualified and experienced team of nutritionists and fitness trainers are in high demand among Mumbai’s Corporate Companies for holding Corporate Fitness Workshops. At a recent half day long corporate fitness workshop conducted for female employees at the corporate office of one of Mumbai’s Largest Real Estate Groups, our Nutritionist Neha and Dance Fitness Instructor Deepa together conducted a lecture and interactive fitness session for employees of the company to increase their knowledge about Nutrition and Diet as well as understand the importance of staying fit by showing them how to integrate fitness into their packed schedules and how to become more active in their day-to-day lives.

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In our belief, the importance of Correct Nutrition and Diet advice for working professionals cannot be over-emphasized. In today’s fast paced and highly competitive world, correct food eating habits are usually pushed way down the list of priorities for most men and women. It is a fact that productivity levels of a person can dip drastically if a person feels sluggish due to dietary deficiencies and imbalances. For the individual it means poor health, illness, disease and potential loss of employment. For the company it means less productivity per employee, high absenteeism, hiring costs and many other factors leading to a slow decline in the company’s fortunes. Recent research has shown that 50 per cent of employees in Indian companies do not consume enough calories for normal daily activity which is a shocking statistic! Apart from Fitness Workshops, Nutrition and Diet workshops must become a regular feature in a company’s organizational plans if they are to sustain their growth and retain their brightest employees.

Topics that were covered at the Nutrition & Fitness Workshop:

Why Nutrition is Important For Employees of a Company

  • Direct and indirect Health Care costs are rising and have an increasing impact on a companies budget.
  • Early work disability or work limitations, caused by preventable disease are increasing fast, especially in middle and low income countries.
  • The advertising of disease promoting eating and lifestyle habits is high, what is leaving people misinformed and confused.
  • Healthy food and lifestyle habits are common knowledge, but not common practice.

Target Audience For Nutrition Advice

Executives 30 +, goal oriented, are leading a department or team and need to be alert, responsive, effective, efficient and emotionally balanced on a daily basis.

Our Dietitian Spoke About:

  • Daily Energy Needs of an individual.
  • Daily recommended protein, carbs and fat intake.
  • Daily recommended vitamins and minerals intake.
  • Effects of Iron deficiency, anaemia and diet to overcome it.
  • Vulnerabilities to certain diseases For Indians.
  • Breakdown of meals and food choices for Office Goers.
  • Healthy fats and fats to avoid.
  • Importance of eating more fruits and vegetables.
  • Amount of water & Other Liquids to Consume

Other Nutrition Topics Covered

  • Trends to Avoid: Vending machines, Danish pastries, muffins and cakes, greasy sandwiches, pizza etc.
  • The Dangerous SAD Phenomenon: Meaning Stuck @ Desk Syndrome, Eating At Your Desktops.
  • The Dangers of Eating in a Rush: The Ideal Time Duration for Eating Breakfast & Lunch.
  • Gender Specific Dietary Advice: Specific nutritional needs for female workers. Diet for pregnant workers before, during and after pregnancy.
  • Anaemia & Osteoporosis in Women: Iron & Calcium Rich foods that Women can have to prevent Anaemia.

Apart from Nutrition advice it is also important for Companies to note that hygiene at the workplace is also very important. Our Nutritionist along with the Head Of Admin did an inspection of the Cafeteria and the hygiene processes of the food handlers and suggested best practices in the following areas:

  • How to avoid Contaminated food or water
  • Hygiene and keeping computer work desk and cafeteria utensils free of germs and chemicals.
  • Things to Check When Eating Food from Street Vendors
  • Handling food and drinking water checklist

A Happy employee is a productive employee. If companies can impart Nutrition Advice to their employees and if employees can follow it up in their day to day lives it can result in high productivity at the workplace with less fatigue, reduce the number of accidents and sick days and save on long term costs of health care which as well all know is exorbitantly high in today’s times.

Below are some photos from the workshop. If your company would like to hold similar workshops at your premises on a one-off or monthly basis, please call us on 98206 07875.

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Nutrition Expert Neha


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Diet & Nutrition Plays a Key Role


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A Fun Corporate Yoga & Bollywood Dance / Zumba Session with Deepa

Dance Workshops Corporate Mumbai
Deepa Speaks to the Audience
Zumba Dance Yoga Trainer
Triceps Workout Demonstration
corporate fitness training mumbai
Stretching Against The Chair
office yoga power yoga
A Demo Of a Squat
corporate yoga seminar company
A Gentle Neck Stretch Routine
fitness seminar experts mumbai
Loosen Up The Neck & Shoulders
Yoga Fitness Trainers Company
Raise Those Arms
best yoga experts mumbai
Higher and Higher!
Fitness Power Yoga Company
Stretch The Shoulders
fitness seminar experts mumbai
Push Backwards
stretching yoga trainers mumbai
Loosen Up Those Limbs
zumba fitness corporate mumbai
Time To Dance!
dance workshop for corporates
Match My Steps
Bollywood Dance Workshop Mumbai
End With Bollywood Dance
Corporate Office Yoga Instructors
Cool Down & Time To Go Home!


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