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Pilates is a form of exercise that is very good for improving posture and tone your muscles, particularly your core. Pilates is named after its inventor, Joseph Pilates, a former carpenter and gymnast. Many of the moves in Pilates is inspired by yoga and mimics the movements of animals commonly seen in zoos such as swans, seals and big cats. Even if you have never wanted to move like a swan, you may find Pilates to be worth a try and may even become your new favourite form of exercise! Not all Pilates is done with machines. There are some Pilates exercises that you do on a mat and there are others that require special Pilates machines. Our personal trainers who come home to train you will for obvious reasons make you perform "Mat Pilates".

Pilates offers the following benefits

Better Flexibility
Strengthening Back
Improved Posture
Better Coordination

One cheap and necessary piece of Pilates equipment for every practitioner is the simple Pilates mat. The mat exercises provide the basis for the Pilates method and there are many exercises in Pilates that use the mat. The mat exercises focus mainly on strengthening the core, the abdominals and trunk region and increasing flexibility throughout the spine and hips.

Pilates does not build muscles nor does it give you a complete cardio workout. Mat Pilates also has certain limitations. While the mat is the most affordable and practical of the Pilates equipment, it is also the most limited. The mat is there basically to protect the spine during the Pilates exercises, but it provides no resistance, which is crucial to the Pilates method.

Machines are just a few of the many that are offered to the Pilates enthusiast. You could choose to use other equipment, such as Pilates balls, rings, or barrels. These are not part of the originals designed by Joseph Pilates, but are an integral part of the Pilates method. Whatever equipment you choose, the results from Pilates will keep you feeling fit and toned.

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