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Pilates is a form of exercise that is very good for improving posture and tone your muscles, particularly your core. Pilates is named after its inventor, Joseph Pilates, a former carpenter and gymnast. Many of the moves in Pilates is inspired by yoga and mimics the movements of animals commonly seen in zoos such as swans, seals and big cats. Even if you have never wanted to move like a swan, you may find Pilates to be worth a try and may even become your new favourite form of exercise! Not all Pilates is done with machines. There are some Pilates exercises that you do on a mat and there are others that require special Pilates machines. Our personal trainers who come home to train you will for obvious reasons make you perform "Mat Pilates".

Pilates offers the following benefits

Better Flexibility
Strengthening Back
Improved Posture
Better Coordination

One cheap and necessary piece of Pilates equipment for every practitioner is the simple Pilates mat. The mat exercises provide the basis for the Pilates method and there are many exercises in Pilates that use the mat. The mat exercises focus mainly on strengthening the core, the abdominals and trunk region and increasing flexibility throughout the spine and hips.

Pilates does not build muscles nor does it give you a complete cardio workout. Mat Pilates also has certain limitations. While the mat is the most affordable and practical of the Pilates equipment, it is also the most limited. The mat is there basically to protect the spine during the Pilates exercises, but it provides no resistance, which is crucial to the Pilates method.

Machines are just a few of the many that are offered to the Pilates enthusiast. You could choose to use other equipment, such as Pilates balls, rings, or barrels. These are not part of the originals designed by Joseph Pilates, but are an integral part of the Pilates method. Whatever equipment you choose, the results from Pilates will keep you feeling fit and toned.

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    FAQ section

    Do I have to be a celebrity to do Pilates?

    Absolutely not! Pilates can be practiced by everyone regardless of whether you are a young Bollywood actress or a corporate person or a housewife! When practiced properly Pilates can help anyone of any age and fitness level and help them make long term and lasting changes to their posture, core strength, flexibility and overall fitness.

    What are the benefits of Pilates?

    Pilates has long been hailed for it's ability to strengthen the core muscles, sculpt and tone muscles and increase overall strength and flexibility. In the early days, Pilates was the favoured workout among professional dancers to maintain peak performance and prevent injury. In today's world Pilates has become popular among celebs because of the fact that you can increase strength without bulk which helps actors and models improve their looks and on-screen performance.

    Can Pilates help me burn calories and lose weight?

    Yes Pilates can help you burn calories though if you are strictly looking to lose weight fast then workouts like kickboxing, yoga and functional fitness will be more effective. In the end real fitness is not just about burning calories. It is about having a healthy spine, healthy joints and the freedom to move through life easily and staying injury-free. Pilates will not only make you stronger but also keep your body supple adding more life to your years.

    How many days in a week should I practice Pilates?

    Its easier than you think to fit Pilates workouts into your busy schedule. As a beginner you can commit to practicing as little as 20 - 30 mins a day four to five times a week. We would advise 45 - 60 min workouts thrice a week for optimum gains. Remember that Pilates is a marathon and not a sprint. Hence dedication and consistency are essential for success.

    What do I need to begin doing Pilates?

    Pilates is a highly convenient and affordable way to start exercising. You do not need any fancy equipment and all the moves can be practiced by you at home in a relatively small space. Wear comfortable clothing that does not restrict movement and allows heat to escape. Form fitting material like Lycra, nylon, and spandex are perfect. Pilates exercises work on movement of the foot and ankle in addition to the whole body. So footwear isn’t needed. If you’re practicing at home, barefoot is great.

    Can I use a yoga mat for Pilates?

    While you can use a yoga mat, they are typically much thinner and thus do not provide the best level of comfort to do Pilates exercises. When selecting a Pilates mat choose one that is approximately 6 ft long, 2 ft wide and about half an inch in thickness.

    What kind of Pilates do your trainers teach?

    Our trainers teach Mat Pilates which does not need any equipment apart from a good mat.

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