Types of Zumba Workouts and Their Benefits
Zumba May 6, 2019

The most effective workout programs are the ones that get people moving, and Zumba aims at bringing people together to participate in a form of dance that, not only, is an approach to a healthier lifestyle, but also gets participants moving and grooving. Zumba is quickly becoming one of the most popular dance forms and group exercises. A Latin-inspired dance workout, Zumba is a high-energy dance form set to upbeat music. It is a fusion of dance forms, such as Salsa, Reggaeton, Flamenco, and Merengue.

Going the Zumba Way


The much-talked-about Zumba legend states that this Latin-inspired dance form was discovered by accident. While on his way to an aerobics class, choreographer and Columbian dancer Alberto Perez realized he was headed to an aerobics class without any music.

He decided to improvise at class that day, with the music he found in his car. Having had brought a few tapes from his car to class, he began to develop a new dance routine for his students to groove to.

The class was an instant success, and slowly and steadily, Perez began to gain a strong following in his native state.

Once he had made his mark in Columbia, he decided to move to Miami since the fitness business and marketing opportunities in those parts of the United States were far better.

Once there, he collaborated with two Columbian entrepreneurs to build the Zumba® brand. With the magical energy that Perez brought to his class, the Zumba® brand soon became a smashing success.

The workout was then further improvised to include unique and customizable routines for people with various fitness goals.

With the now immensely popular Zumba trainers, Classes, a Zumba Academy was created to certify trainers. Perez and his colleagues wanted to make sure there were enough Zumba instructors to train the participants which is how the Zumba Academy came into being.

Types of Zumba

Zumba has a variety of different routines to keep the exercise form from becoming monotonous.

Zumba Toning

Zumba Toning incorporates toning sticks and some amount of strength training routines.

The benefits of adding toning to an aerobic workout include improved cardiovascular endurance, improvement in posture, and stability.

Zumba Toning comprises of aerobic routines and dance moves which is why toning sticks should only be as heavy as the participant is comfortable with.

Aqua Zumba

Aqua workouts offer a number of benefits without the wear and tear of the body.

Aqua Zumba routine is recommended for those who have had recent knee, hip, or joint surgeries. It is also a favorable workout for those who wish to limit the stress on the body, while also reaping the benefits of a good workout. Water offers a natural resistance that enhances muscle toning.

Types of Zumba - Wellintra Fitness
Types of Zumba – Wellintra Fitness

Zumba in the circuit

Often known as the drive-thru version of Zumba, this form provides circuit training and strength training in a 30-minute workout session.


Zumbatomic offers Zumba fitness parties to kids and parents who wish to work out together. It focuses on getting kids to become more active, and let go of their sedentary lifestyle.

This forward-thinking workout has parents and kids exercise together as a means of spending quality time, and bonding with each other.

Zumba Gold Toning

Zumba Gold Toning is a simple strength training workout that offers techniques for older participants who have been away from fitness for a while or those who are new to the exercise world and want to tone their muscles.

Benefits of the Zumba® workout

Calorie Burn

All the different types of Zumba workouts are calorie and fat-burning exercises. The dance moves can be customized to match every individual’s fitness, coordination, and ability to perform the moves.

Full Body Workout

Zumba is a dance and fitness class combined, and it provides a vast range of benefits including heart and health benefits. This fitness method touches on every muscle and joint.

Once the body is accustomed to an old form of workout, it is important to move on to a new workout routine, since the number of calories burned to diminish as the body gets accustomed to a certain form of workout.

Since Zumba is drawn from different types of dances, it is always possible to find a routine that focuses on a different part of the body.

This provides multiple benefits, like keeping the workout fresh, and the participants motivated. It also ensures maximum calorie burn.

Benefits of the Zumba® workout
Benefits of the Zumba® workout

Improves Coordination

Zumba dance moves can help improve coordination. Every beat calls for a different movement which ensures that participants, though slow at first, will eventually catch up to the beat and master coordination skills. Coordination is essential as one grows older.

Builds Confidence

Zumba routines help lower inhibitions. They help improve posture, increase confidence and help build a new self-image.

Not Just an Exercise

Zumba is more of a fun dance routine than it is an exercise, which, is beneficial for both, the participants who love to dance and also those who love to workout.

It is an all-in-one workout and dance routine that comes with a vast number of health benefits, boosts energy, self-confidence, improves strength, and changes the outlook that a workout routine spells boredom.

The focus, while doing a Zumba class, is less on the calories burned and more on the development of the self-image, the fun it entails, and perfecting the form.


Zumba isn’t meant to be a strict workout regimen. It is an improvised form of dance that consists of a blend of dance forms. Zumba workouts are customizable, and participants are encouraged to create their own form of workout by improvising and choosing the dance moves they love.

Here are a few ways to customize your Zumba dance routine:

• Select a song of your choice you wouldn’t mind grooving to.

• Start simple: start with simple dance moves and choose similar dance moves that are not identical, but they should look and feel like part of a sequence when performed one after another.

• Try it with friends and family: perform your newest, customized dance routine in front of your family and friends, and ask for honest feedback.

Aerobic benefits

Zumba helps reach the target heart rate faster and easier than any other gym workout. The fast beats make it easier to move around freely making it feel like an aerobic exercise. Zumba is a much-recommended workout when trying to build endurance. Exercising at a high rate for prolonged periods of time helps build the strength of the heart.

Mood boosting

Zumba helps get rid of the accumulated stress of everyday life. The upbeat moves release mood-boosting endorphins and make the worries melt away.

Improves posture

The movements involved in a Zumba workout are formed by combining movements of dance forms like Salsa, Samba, Merengue, and Mambo. The dance moves work on unique muscle groups and help the joints get accustomed to various movements and stretches. Thus, the reduction in muscle tension and improved range of movement improves posture and flexibility.

Combining Healthy Eating and Zumba

Combining Healthy Eating and Zumba
Combining Healthy Eating and Zumba

It is recommended participants include or exclude a few food groups to achieve desirable results from the workout.

• Participants are advised to eat as many natural foods as possible.

• Cut down on processed foods and unnecessary calories.

• Recognizing that weight loss is adopting a healthy lifestyle.

• Think of yourself as adopting a healthier lifestyle, rather than going on a new “diet”.

Zumba participants report feeling invigorated and energized after leaving a Zumba session. They report feeling less stressed and happier when they head to work or get back to their daily routine. Zumba has picked up pace quickly over the past few years.

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