Wellintra Fitness has some of the best Aerial yoga instructors in Mumbai. Before doing Aerial yoga we recommend that you first consult your doctor. To start with Aerial yoga, you must be in good physical condition and have the Aerial yoga hammock correctly installed and safety checked before use. You must also understand that before participating in any exercise program there is always the possibility of injury.


Poonam Best Aerial Yoga Teacher Thane

Poonam is one of the top yoga instructors in Mumbai and conducts Aerial yoga workshops as well as demos to learners in Mumbai and Thane. She has done her 200-hour TTC at Ekam Yogshala in Rishikesh. She has also completed the 200-hour Advanced Multi-Style Yoga Instructor Training.

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Best Aerial Yoga Teacher in Mumbai

Minal is one of the top Aerial Yoga Instructors in Mumbai who trains clients who want personal training in aerial yoga or group classes. Though based in Andheri West, she is available to train clients across Mumbai. She is also an Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga Instructor certified from Adi Yogpeeth in Rishikesh.

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Best Aerial Yoga Teacher Andheri West Mumbai

Divashri is one of the best aerial yoga teachers in Mumbai. As a yoga instructor specialising in teaching aerial yoga to her students, Divashri guides learners on doing the poses safely, modifying the poses to make it easier, or to deepen it and make it more challenging. She is certified from S-VYASA Institute in Bangalore.

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Mayuri Aerial Yoga Teacher Mumbai

Mayuri is a top aerial yoga teacher in Mumbai training clients in single or double hammock style aerial yoga. A highly accomplished traditional yoga instructor having completed many teacher training courses from Rishikesh, Mayuri is also an accomplished Prenatal and Postnatal yoga instructor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Aerial Yoga?

Aerial Yoga is basically doing traditional yoga poses plus some poses that are specific to aerial yoga. Aerial yoga also incorporates the philosophical aspects of yoga and utilizes the aerial hammock.

What is the aerial yoga hammock?

Aerial yoga utilizes a swing made up of tricot fabric in a U shape that usually hangs from locking carabineers and daisy chains (straps with loops usually used in rock climbing). These are connected to the ceiling or to a rig.

What are the things needed to set up an Aerial yoga hammock?

To set up a single Aerial yoga hammock you will need 5 or more yards of tricot. You will also need 2 - 4 locking carabiners and 2-4 daisy chains (depending on ceiling height). Always construct a structural engineer before hanging an aerial yoga hammock in your house or yoga studio.

What is the best hammock for aerial yoga?

The low hammock being low to the ground is perfect for beginners because it is safe and feels supportive with more of your body being connected to the ground. It also creates an accessible, easy and safe experience for learners of all levels.

What are floating poses?

Floating poses are Aerial yoga poses in which the hands or the feet are touching the floor while another part of the body is supported by the aerial yoga hammock.

What are flying poses?

Flying poses are Aerial yoga poses in which all of the body is supported by the hammock.

How do I tie the Aerial yoga hammock knot?

Watch this YouTube video to learn to tie the knot in order to hang your aerial yoga hammock:

What is the ideal height of the Hammock?

The Aerial yoga hammock should never be more than 3 feet off the floor. A thick yoga mat and other padding can and should be added below the hammock.

Is it safe to learn Aerial yoga from videos?

No! Always hire a personal trainer to help you learn Aerial yoga. Transitioning in and out of poses in the initial stages of learning can be difficult. A personal trainer nearby can help you if you get stuck.

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