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Wellintra is Mumbai’s no. 1 home-based and corporate – wellness and yoga service. Within a short span of time, we have established our reputation in the online as well as offline space and are expanding rapidly. We have a select talented team of private yoga instructors, personal fitness trainers and Pilates coaches in Mumbai and we are interested in working with you if you would like to join our growing team.

Age Group: Between 20 yrs to 35 yrs.

Salary: Commission-based Per Client.

Areas: Mat Pilates, Yogalates

What We are Looking For:

1. Freshers who have recently completed Physiotherapy / Pilates course.

2. Those who have a minimum of 1 year of Pilates / Fitness training experience.

3. A desire for constant self-improvement in terms of skill-sets.

4. Excellent communication skills in English.

5. Dependable, punctual and professional in work ethics.

6. In prime physical condition and a dedicated practitioner of Pilates or other forms of fitness.

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