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Personal Yoga Trainers

Anyone can do yoga regardless of age, gender or physical limitations. Yoga is the perfect exercise for you if you hate the pump and grind routine of a gym or a dance workout. Yoga makes you focus on how your body moves and feels. Just 2 months of practising regular yoga can impact your mood and health positively and make you calmer, more focussed and energetic. Our personal trainers are certified from some of India's top teacher training institutes and can help you train for strength, flexibility, balance and body-mind awareness. You dont have to be flexible to do yoga. Yoga has many variations in every pose and a good teacher can help you do modifications of yoga poses that takes your own level of flexibility into account.

Our Trainers train the following forms of yoga


Before embarking on a yoga or any other fitness activity program, please ensure that you have consulted your doctor or physiotherapist. If you are obese or overweight then it is all the more important to get an approval from a licensed medical practitioner before starting a physical activity regime. Do remember that these precautions are for your own good.

Practice on a yoga mat. Your yoga instructor will bring his / her own yoga mat. Practice yoga on an empty stomach or two hours after your last meal. Remove your shoes and wear well fitting cotton or gym attire and drink sufficient fluid before, during and after practice. Keep your mobile away and turn your TV or monitor off to minimise disturbances.

Do not rush off to work immediately after practice. Practice ten minutes of mindfulness after your instructor leaves. Take a warm shower and avoid eating a heavy meal immediately after practice. Eat healthy food, preferably homemade. Be mindful that you are more likely to find solutions to problems when you are in a relaxed state rather than in a disturbed state of mind.

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