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For most people, bodybuilding is Fitness! But for those who think weight lifting is a 'brawny' and not a very 'brainy' activity, we would like to tell you that weight lifting is an incredibly smart thing to do. It's not just a form of narcissism and it's not just for bodybuilders. People who start lifting weights will tell you how much more confident, fit, powerful, energetic and sexy they feel! Strength training does all that and much more. There is a saying ' Use it or lose it'. If you don't use your muscles they get smaller. This gradual slide to wimpiness can begin as early as your mid 20's. So if you rarely lift anything heavier than a cellphone, it’s time to build enough muscles to get along in the real world!

Advantages of Bodybuilding

Healthy bones
Prevent injuries
Look hot!
Improved metabolism
Confident personality

Before embarking on a bodybuilding or any other fitness activity program, please ensure that you have consulted your doctor or physiotherapist. If you are obese or overweight then it is all the more important to get an approval from a licensed medical practitioner before starting a physical activity regime. Do remember that these precautions are for your own good.

Our bodybuilding instructors are certified from accredited Training institutes. If you wish to train in your house, you must obviously have a separate training area with basic weight and pulley equipment. Training will only be undertaken in an air conditioned environment. If you wish to call our trainer over to your society gym or any other gym, please ensure that all entry permissions are in place.

We believe we are different from others in the market because of our code of ethics. Our primary responsibility is to protect and safeguard your safety, health, well-being & privacy. This attitude is never compromised for our own personal interest or monetary gain. We base the number of training sessions required on your needs and not to meet our own financial goals.

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