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For most people, bodybuilding is Fitness! But for those who think weight lifting is a 'brawny' and not a very 'brainy' activity, we would like to tell you that weight lifting is an incredibly smart thing to do. It's not just a form of narcissism and it's not just for bodybuilders. People who start lifting weights will tell you how much more confident, fit, powerful, energetic and sexy they feel! Strength training does all that and much more. There is a saying ' Use it or lose it'. If you don't use your muscles they get smaller. This gradual slide to wimpiness can begin as early as your mid 20's. So if you rarely lift anything heavier than a cellphone, it’s time to build enough muscles to get along in the real world!

Advantages of Bodybuilding

Healthy bones
Prevent injuries
Look hot!
Improved metabolism
Confident personality

Before embarking on a bodybuilding or any other fitness activity program, please ensure that you have consulted your doctor or physiotherapist. If you are obese or overweight then it is all the more important to get an approval from a licensed medical practitioner before starting a physical activity regime. Do remember that these precautions are for your own good.

Our bodybuilding instructors are certified from accredited Training institutes. If you wish to train in your house, you must obviously have a separate training area with basic weight and pulley equipment. Training will only be undertaken in an air conditioned environment. If you wish to call our trainer over to your society gym or any other gym, please ensure that all entry permissions are in place.

We believe we are different from others in the market because of our code of ethics. Our primary responsibility is to protect and safeguard your safety, health, well-being & privacy. This attitude is never compromised for our own personal interest or monetary gain. We base the number of training sessions required on your needs and not to meet our own financial goals.

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    FAQ section

    Can I do bodybuilding in my home gym?

    Yes you can. Some of bodybuilding's greatest stars got their start in home gyms. The main advantage of training at home is convenience. You can train anytime you want and you dont have to worry about finding parking space or wait your turn for the equipment.

    What are the drawbacks of bodybuilding training at home?

    The main drawback is the limited amount of equipment you will have unless you are Mr. Mukesh Ambani's niece or nephew and have a huge house and unlimited money to build your pwn personal home gym. At home you may only have access to a few dumb bells, a bar bell and an adjustable bench. While this equipment is fine for beginners your muscles will eventually need variety in order to keep growing.

    Is it safe to work out at a home gym?

    It is safe if you are working out with light weights but as your bodybuilding prowess increases your own strength may become a liability. Even if you are super rich and have created a home gym that can take you to Mr. Olympia, you should definitely have a personal trainer around you. If you start lifting heavy weights by yourself a slip-up can be fatal. Bodybuilders have been found dead in their basements with a loaded barbell across their necks. So if you want to be safe you should definitely hire a personal trainer to spot you when you work out at your home gym.

    What is the best time to train?

    The best time to train is "today"! The most important thing in bodybuilding is not when you work out but rather that you work out regularly. There is no rule that says you should work out in the morning or evenings. The best time to train is whenever you can fit it into your daily schedule. But if you are a serious bodybuilder you should avoid peak times at the gym. Training early in the morning or late at night may help you avoid peak hour crowds.

    How often should I train?

    Whole body - thrice a week with one day off between workouts. This is the routine that most beginners start with and it can guarantee great results. As you progress you can do a four days per week routine. The four-day-per-week split is probably the most common and effective routine for gaining muscle size and strength. The body is divided into two halves, with each half trained on one of two consecutive days. After one day of rest follow two more days of training. Unlike the full body routine, where all the muscles must be trained during one workout, the four-day split allows you to do more for the muscles since you’re training only half of them during any given workout. Instead of 2 or 3 sets of one exercise, you can do 3 or 4 sets of two, three or even four different exercises for each bodypart. There are more advanced routines that your personal trainer will guide you as you progress in your size and strength.

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