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Wellintra Fitness is a wellness company that is changing lives everyday. Ever since our inception in 2014, we have been slowly but steadily changing the fitness landscape in India's metro cities by bringing the best fitness trainers in India under one roof. Our trainers train fitness conscious individuals and groups at studios, schools and government institutions and also conduct fitness and nutrition workshops at some of India's most hallowed corporate companies.

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Our Yoga Trainer & Lifestyle coach - Aparna Saravanan

It has been proved that getting more exercise means less risk of developing severe illness according to a recent study of physical activity & Covid-19 hospitalisations. The study which involved more than 50,000 people who had developed Covid proved that those who were the most active before falling ill were least likely to be hospitalized or die as a result of the illness. Read the New York Times article here - Being Fit can save your life.

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If you are struggling with stubborn fat for years, we are here to help you get rid of it finally for good! Fat loss happens faster when your exercise or yoga program is combined with a scientific Diet & Nutrition plan that will not only help you lose fat faster but also keep you feeling full and energetic at the same time.

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What our clients say

Kickboxing instructors Mumbai
Sapna Chowdhury
Art-director, Digital Media Agency

As a marathon runner, I was looking to hire a yoga instructor to complement my running regime and to relieve running related aches and pains. Most of the trainers I found online were not up to the mark. Either they were not certified or they did not have the requisite experience to train clients with specific needs such as me. When I called up Wellintra to communicate my needs, they properly understood my requirements and my schedule and then gave me a trainer who had experience training athletes and sportsmen. That was just what I wanted. My marathon training performance improved by leaps and bounds and my running-related injuries also gradually disappeared. I would highly recommend their services to anyone and everyone who desires to hire quality world class trainers.

Prenatal yoga instructors
Aarti Chauhan
Director - Corp Comm, MNC

I came across Wellintra Fitness when I was looking for a pre natal yoga instructor. Apart from general fitness and yoga trainers, they also have a large pool of qualified prenatal yoga instructors. I was specifically looking for a female instructor who could come home and train me thrice a week during my second and third trimester. The trainer who was assigned to me was supportive and highly understanding of the mental and physical changes that I was going through. Thanks to team at Wellintra, I underwent a smooth and successful delivery of my first baby. Wellintra – highly recommended!

Yoga Instructors
Aditya Banerjee
CA, FMCG Company

Due to the sedentary nature of my profession as a chartered accountant, I started developing a host of health problems after I touched the age of 40. I faced a number of problems in my quest to find a good certified yoga trainer who could come home and teach me and my wife. The trainers I found through apps were not great with very poor communication skills. Moreover I wasn’t sure of their credentials. The team at Wellintra came across as a breath of fresh air. They were courteous, prompt and highly professional in their approach. They run a background check on all trainers and I found that their trainers are not only certified from top institutes but also have impeccable communication skills. I am very happy with their level of service and I coudn’t have found a better ally in my quest to positively transform my health and my future!

Private Fitness trainers
Sonia Singh
Stylist, International Fashion House

I am an NRI and I was visiting India from the US for a few months. I regularly practice kickboxing back home and I wanted to continue my trainings while I was here in India. I found the guys at Wellintra after an online search and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the quality of trainers that they have is world class. Despite my schedule, my trainer was highly accommodating and ensured that I could put in the required hours of practice every week. I was sad to go back home because Wellintra does not have a branch in NYC! Please start your operations in the US soon! I highly recommend their services to anyone desirous of finding a good quality certified trainer in India.

Fitness Trainers in Mumbai
Priya Bharadwaj
Founder, Event Management Company

The team at Wellintra has helped me stick to a regular fitness plan despite my hectic work and travel schedule. They are very non-fussy when it comes to training schedule and this flexibility allows me to make up for all sessions lost every month due to work and travel commitments. Unlike other trainers in the market who stick to a strict schedule, the trainers from Wellintra are very lenient with their training program and do not cancel unused sessions which works great for me!


Personal training company India
Nikita Jain
Senior Manager HR, Television Channel

I was very happy with the quality of trainers available on Wellintra.com. I was almost 10 kgs overweight and my wedding was just 6 months away. With the help of a training + diet plan I was able to not only lose the flab but also ended up feeling and looking better than ever before. The way I look in the photos and videos of my pre wedding shoot and the actual wedding is all thanks to the effort put in my trainer and Nutritionist. I fully recommend their services.

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794 happy customers
450 individual nutrition programs
220 corporate wellness clients
95 champions trained

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