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Corporate Yoga December 11, 2019

At Wellintra Fitness, we have some of the best yoga instructors who not only conduct personal training at home but also conduct trainings at studios and at corporate wellness workshops and conferences. At a recent wellness workshop at the JW Marriott Mumbai, our yoga instructor Ashika took the delegates of a South African conglomerate through a morning yoga session. Ashika took the attendees through a 45 min. yoga and wellness session whereby they were made to understand the importance of regular yoga sessions for maintaining health and wellness. She began by describing stress and anxiety in the modern context and explained how the regular practice of yoga can give people a solid foundation for building a healthy and stress-free life.

Anxious Lives

Most people have accepted stress and anxiety as a constant in the life. Unreasonable work deadlines, strained relationships, the pushes and pulls of meeting personal and travel commitments, violent news reports and frustrating traffic are just a small number of the daily worries that most people face. Approximately 15 % of the working population will at sometime or another face an anxiety disorder in the lives. Most people who are working in jobs today have already fulfilled and met their basic demands for food and shelter. Many have everything that they hoped for on the surface of it, with healthy families, worldly possessions and a wide social network. But on the inside, there remains a sense of fear, worry and unhappiness.

Yoga is the Answer

As people try to find a way out of their anxiety and stress-related worries, they turn to yoga as a means of quietening the inner turmoil. Yoga practices are designed to make us calmer and quieten the mind. Throughout the yoga session, Ashika helped the attendees move in the direction of deep, peaceful understanding and forget their worries for some time.

Ashika’s comprehensive yoga therapy for corporate employees addresses the needs of the body, life energy, thoughts, emotions and the spirit / higher self. On the spiritual level or the realm of the higher self, we already possess everything that we need. But those resources are untapped and a trained yoga instructor can give you the tools to connect with them! In a yoga session at the workplace, you will experience yogic techniques of witnessing your thoughts and feelings and to quieten the turmoil in your mind. Deep breathing stabilises the mind, soothes emotions and relaxes the body. By using targeted relaxations, Ashika uses the power of the mind to soften tight muscles and calm the nervous and endocrine systems. Yoga poses taught by her uplift the emotional state of the mind while at the same time strengthening and steadying the mind-body complex. The basic tools suggested by Ashika in her yoga therapy classes for office going employees can be immediately applied – most of them anytime and anywhere!

Watch some pictures of the class below:

Wellness yoga sessions

Yoga at JW Mariott

Yoga Teacher Correcting Explaining

Morning Group Yoga JW Marriott

Beautiful Yoga Teacher India

Corporate Group Yoga Mumbai

Corporate Yoga Instructors

Corporate Wellness Session in Progress

Corporate Wellness Sessions in Mumbai

Yoga Teacher Training Employees

Yoga Trainer Ashika Jain

Corporate Wellness Instructors Mumbai

Employees do Shavasana Corpse Pose

Yoga at Corporate Company Mumbai


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