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Pregnancy is a time when a woman’s body is at it’s fullest potential. Yoga can be an invaluable tool in making the process of pregnancy and birth an overall easier and more positive experience. Doing yoga during pregnancy with awareness creates a state of calmness. When a pregnant women feels inner clarity, her confidence grows. When she feels peaceful, her anxiety concerning the birth process decreases. The mind becomes involved in the body movements. This focus allows the pregnant woman to tune out distracting forces around her during labor and to respond appropriately to the contractions. Yoga during pregnancy offers no guarantees for an easier or quicker birth. However, your increased body awareness and enhanced ability to breathe and relax will help you adjust to the physical demands of labour, birth, and motherhood!

Benefits of prenatal yoga

Less Anxiety
Easier childbirth

We have some of the best maternity and pre and post pregnancy specialists in Mumbai to help women enjoy and embrace their experience of pregnancy in a more profound way. Our prenatal yoga trainers will help design an accessible program for pregnant women and and also help experienced yoga practitioners to adapt their existing yoga practice to one that is suitable for pregnancy. We want women to become more in tune with their natural power, remain strong and healthy and deliver beautiful, balanced, strong and confident children!

The ideal yoga practice during pregnancy is a balanced one. Your session will start slowly and smoothly and move to stronger poses and again finish with gentle asanas. Also your session will include breathing techniques, affirmations, meditation and visualizations. As you do your yoga, you must remember to tune in to the good feelings that emanate within you. Do your practise with self-acceptance and without casting any judgements on your abilities or your looks. Start to enjoy the freedom that you are creating within yourself. Enjoy the feeling of letting go and deepening the connection with your baby.

Before beginning any prenatal exercise program, it is necessary to obtain your physician’s consent. Do not exercise strenuously if you have a history of miscarriages, or cervical insufficiency. During pregnancy the cervix should remain tight to prevent infection. Start doing physical asanas from the second trimester onwards. Practice in a cool, quiet, and well-ventilated room. Place blankets, pillows, a folding chair, and mat or rug nearby. Wear loose, comfortable clothing which will not restrict movement. Do all the poses with bare feet. Avoid poses which overstretch the abdominal muscles.

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    FAQ section

    What are the benefits of pregnancy yoga?

    There are numerous benefits from doing yoga at pregnancy. Yoga during pregnancy can help mothers get stronger physically and mentally. It maximizes her absorption of nutrients by improving her overall digestive health. A physically well-nourished and supple mother is able to enjoy pregnancy and recover wonderfully in the postnatal weeks. Regular practice of prenatal yoga can also improve a new mother's stamina required to attend to the constant attention demanded by a newborn baby.

    Why should I hire a prenatal yoga trainer as opposed to attending group classes?

    In our busy society, most expecting mothers have jobs and trying to juggle the demands of a job with those of parenthood can be challenging and time-consuming. Besides we all know the stresses and potential pitfalls that come with attending a pregnancy yoga class at a faraway place navigating through bottleneck traffic and potholed roads. Hiring a prenatal yoga trainer means you can train at your preferred time and pace yourself according to how you are feeling week by week. Our certified prenatal yoga instructors will offer you private one-on-one classes that are designed to fit into your daily schedule and are suitable for complete beginners as well as those who have practiced yoga for years.

    How often should I practice yoga during pregnancy?

    Practice everyday if you can find the time and are able to afford it. Thrice a week sessions are perfect for best results. Our past clients have usually felt so revitalized after a few prenatal yoga sessions itself that they want to do more yoga and for longer!

    What is a typical prenatal yoga session like?

    The ideal yoga practice during pregnancy is a balanced one. Your personal trainer will be starting you off gently, progressing to stronger postures and finish with more gentle exercises which include breathing techniques, affirmations, meditations and visualizations.

    Will doing prenatal yoga help me with a perfect birth?

    One of the main reasons yoga is so beneficial during pregnancy is that it helps to bring you into a state that is helpful for labour by making you get out of your head and into your body. When you are able to switch off the thinking part of your brain you are allowing yourself to be guided by the wisdom within you. Remember there is no such thing as the perfect birth - anything can happen, no matter how prepared you are. Yoga will help you accept whatever turn your birth takes and help you stay open minded.

    Is doing prenatal yoga approved by the medical community?

    Yes. Most doctors now recognize that practicing yoga and meditation during pregnancy can improve the birthing process reducing backaches, hip pain, prolapsed organs, pelvic floor issues, postnatal depression and basically improve your general well being. Do remember though that you should start practicing prenatal yoga only after your 12 - 14 weeks scan and after you have been given the all-clear from your doctor.

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