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Pregnancy is a time when a woman’s body is at it’s fullest potential. Yoga can be an invaluable tool in making the process of pregnancy and birth an overall easier and more positive experience. Doing yoga during pregnancy with awareness creates a state of calmness. When a pregnant women feels inner clarity, her confidence grows. When she feels peaceful, her anxiety concerning the birth process decreases. The mind becomes involved in the body movements. This focus allows the pregnant woman to tune out distracting forces around her during labor and to respond appropriately to the contractions. Yoga during pregnancy offers no guarantees for an easier or quicker birth. However, your increased body awareness and enhanced ability to breathe and relax will help you adjust to the physical demands of labour, birth, and motherhood!

Benefits of prenatal yoga

Less Anxiety
Easier childbirth

We have some of the best maternity and pre and post pregnancy specialists in Mumbai to help women enjoy and embrace their experience of pregnancy in a more profound way. Our prenatal yoga trainers will help design an accessible program for pregnant women and and also help experienced yoga practitioners to adapt their existing yoga practice to one that is suitable for pregnancy. We want women to become more in tune with their natural power, remain strong and healthy and deliver beautiful, balanced, strong and confident children!

The ideal yoga practice during pregnancy is a balanced one. Your session will start slowly and smoothly and move to stronger poses and again finish with gentle asanas. Also your session will include breathing techniques, affirmations, meditation and visualizations. As you do your yoga, you must remember to tune in to the good feelings that emanate within you. Do your practise with self-acceptance and without casting any judgements on your abilities or your looks. Start to enjoy the freedom that you are creating within yourself. Enjoy the feeling of letting go and deepening the connection with your baby.

Before beginning any prenatal exercise program, it is necessary to obtain your physician’s consent. Do not exercise strenuously if you have a history of miscarriages, or cervical insufficiency. During pregnancy the cervix should remain tight to prevent infection. Start doing physical asanas from the second trimester onwards. Practice in a cool, quiet, and well-ventilated room. Place blankets, pillows, a folding chair, and mat or rug nearby. Wear loose, comfortable clothing which will not restrict movement. Do all the poses with bare feet. Avoid poses which overstretch the abdominal muscles.

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