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Zumba® can now without a doubt be called the hottest workout routine in the world! The most effective workouts are the ones that don't feel like workouts. Zumba® is one such workout that has something for everyone. If you have been working out for a while you know that even enjoyable workouts become boring after a while. Besides a 50 yr. old person may not want to do the same routine he did when he was 30! Zumba® recognizes this and has different routines for every age group. There is Zumba® Toning for those who crave Aerobics and cardio. Aqua Zumba®brings Zumba® elements into the water for a splashing good time. Zumba® in the Circuit provides Zumba® circuit training and strength exercise into an in-and-out 30 min. session.

Advantages of Zumba

Calorie burn
Full body workout
Better coordination
Fun to do
Meet people

Because Zumba® is a dance activity done within a group setting, our Zumba® instructors do not take personal training classes. Our trainers however are more than happy to conduct group sessions for more than 5 people in attendance. Feel free to get in touch with us for single one-off Zumba® events and parties or group classes.

If you would like to start doing Zumba® the best way to get started is to join a local Zumba® class in your area. On the other hand if you would like to do Zumba® in your apartment building's premises or throw a Zumba® dance party or event we can help. We also conduct corporate Zumba®sessions at companies and Hotel conferences.

Want to do Zumba? Here are some ideas - Zumba® birthday parties for kids, Zumba® at your kid's school, Zumba® for grandparents, open a Zumba® dance studio, run Zumba®classes at corporate companies. For each and every venture listed above we can help provide you world class Zumba®instructors.

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    Apurva Zumba Dance Instructor Andheri West Mumbai

    Age: Twenties
    Experience: 6 years
    Specialization: Zumba, Functional

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    FAQ section

    What exactly is Zumba?

    Simply put, Zumba is a dance fitness activity that blends rhythmic choreography with a Latin and World flavour. Zumba dance fitness sessions can give you a full body workout and burn loads of calories while you have fun dancing to upbeat music!

    Is Zumba a form of exercise?

    Zumba is indeed a form of workout. By dancing in a sassy form of dance combinations for over 30 minutes to an hour, Zumba makes you forget that you are actually exercising! Instead you are caught up in the electric atmosphere created by the music, trying to remember the sequence of hip-shaking steps and dripping in sweat while feel-good hormones rage across your mind and body! And before you know it you have danced your way through 45 mins of intense cardio!

    Can Zumba be done by all age groups?

    Yes. Zumba is unique amongst other forms of workouts in the sense that it can be enjoyed by participants of all age groups ranging from newborn infants to seniors! Classes are offered for children (Zumba® Kids for ages seven to eleven, Zumba® Kids Jr. for ages four to six, and Zumbini™ for babies up to three years old and their caregivers) and seniors (Zumba Gold®). Zumba and its unique blend of fun + exercise offers something for everyone. And as the program continues to change and expand, its popularity is only growing by the day!

    Can Fitness be fun and effective at the same time?

    Fitness experts at the American Council on Exercise wanted to test the average exercise intensity and energy output during a typical Zumba class. So they recruited nineteen women, ages eighteen to twenty two. The women were healthy and experienced in Zumba, but were all at different level of fitness. They used monitors to track the participants’ heart rates, oxygen consumption, and calories burned. They discovered that Zumba is a total body workout especially good at strengthening the core and improving flexibility because of the hip movements.

    Can Zumba help me lose weight?

    Yes, yes and yes! Zumba burns more calories than kickboxing, aerobics and power yoga. Participants in the research study generally burned between 7 - 12 calories per minute.

    I am not in great shape. Is Zumba right for me?

    No matter what your current fitness level and whether you are fat or fit, Zumba will provide you the best cardio workout you can get. In a Zumba class, all participants fit or not are working out in the optimum heart rate zone that improves cardio health. Besides you do not have to get every step right in order to get a great workout.

    Can I hire a personal instructor for Zumba?

    Though you can it would be silly dancing all by yourself with your instructor! Besides unless you are extremely wealthy the training charges for hiring a personal zumba instructor would just not suit your budget. Instead form a group with your friends and relatives, find a dance studio near your house and we will send you a great Zumba instructor thus helping you stay fit and also making it easier on your wallet as you split the training costs with the other participants.

    Are all your Zumba instructors certified?

    Yes. All our Zumba instructors are licensed Zumba instructors certified by the official Zumba federation. Most instructors have done the Basic 1 Zumba certification and some have multiple certifications for teaching Zumba.

    Do you give Zumba certification?

    We get this query a lot. No we do not! Only the official Zumba federation can give you the license & certificate required to conduct and run Zumba classes. Read this page for more details on how to get a Zumba Instructor official certification - Become a Zumba Instructor

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