Why is Personal Training So Expensive?

Personal training is more expensive than attending group classes for the simple reason that a professional fitness instructor is coming all the way to your home or gym to train you exclusively. ‘Personal Attention’ is the keyword here. Look at it this way – how much would you demand if you yourself were a personal trainer and were waking up every morning and braving traffic and rush hour chaos to reach different locations throughout the day. Also factor in travel costs which can be significant in a city like Mumbai.

Who Are your Trainers?

Our motto is: Educated Trainers for the Educated Individual! All the fitness trainers who are associated with us are some of the smartest, most qualified and most dedicated fitness trainers that you could possibly find. We only empanel those who are certified in physical fitness training and other corresponding physical activities from reputed institutes. All our trainers have at least 1 year of training experience and have excellent communication skills. Every trainer’s background and credentials are verified and cross checked.

Why do you take advance before the training starts?

An advance paid is an indication of your commitment and your seriousness about pursuing your fitness goals. Also when we receive an advance from you, we are able to effectively block a trainer’s schedule for you for the entire month. A lot of times, people also lose interest after a period of time and may discontinue their program. In such cases, we don’t like to waste our time chasing clients for unpaid dues – time which could be better spent meditating or working out!

How many sessions a week do I pay for?

Most clients who undergo personal training find that 3 sessions a week and "12 sessions in a month" plan is the sweet spot between the time that they can devote and the amount that they can afford to pay. 12 sessions in a month is the 'holy grail' of personal training and in our own experience 90 % of our clients choose to go for this plan. However if you find yourself in the other 10 % category of clients who want more than 3 sessions in a week we can definitely work that out!

What if I don't like my current trainer?

It is possible that you may begin your training program after paying an advance and realise mid way that your current trainer is not the right fit for you. In such cases, we can always suggest other trainers for you. We will exhaust all options from our side in order to ensure that you are truly happy with your personal trainer. If you still don’t want to continue with us, we will simply deduct the number of sessions that you have done and refund you the amount for the unfinished sessions. As simple as that!

How much do you charge for personal training?

The average fees for personal training is ₹ 1,000/- per session. This amount is subject to change though depending upon the availability of trainers in your area, the time of the year, the experience of the trainer and also the distance that the trainer has to travel to reach your house. Any discount offered is entirely at our discretion. We also reserve the right to increase our fees at the end of every training cycle or during peak months such as post-festival season or post New Year’s Eve when demand far outweighs the number of trainers that we have on board.

What if my wife, kid or my friend's son wants to join?

Your personal fitness trainer has been assigned only for you. Every new person who joins will be charged individual ‘personal training’ rates. We do offer a discount for couples who want to get trained together or for group training classes.

Who the hell are you Guys?!

Ha ha. We get that a lot! Well, we are just a couple of Mumbai-based fitness and technology enthusiasts who decided one day sometime in Jan ’15 that Mumbai needs a professional fitness company to cater to the growing demand for quality fitness trainers with verified credentials. We understand that the choices out there can be overwhelming for an average person and the whole exercise of choosing a fitness trainer from websites and apps can be daunting. Enter Wellintra. Leave the choosing to us. We filter the cream of the crop of fitness trainers in each city for you. Just call us or message us and tell us what you want and start your fitness training the very next day!

What is your business model?

We are an asset-light business meaning we don’t own any property, gym or yoga studio. We act as agents or consultants between you and the fitness trainer and we simply take a commission out of every transaction that is passed through us. Having said that, since we own a database of high quality trainers, we are in the process of opening franchise yoga and fitness studios very soon. Call us to discuss your talent needs and we will be happy to discuss exciting business models and opportunities in the wellness space.

Can I hire your trainers at my gym or my yoga studio?

Yes. We have contracts with many upscale residential developments like the Lodhas, Rustomjee whereby our trainers are deployed at their premises for training members. Similarly we conduct many fitness and wellness classes and workshops at corporate companies like We Work, Tata Group, Reliance group, Konica Minolta, Lodha Group, Future Group, Mahindra & Mahindra, Group M etc. Talk to us for more details and customized fitness solutions for your brand.

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