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Kickboxing is a form of exercise that is as old as the stones in the Great Wall of China and as modern as the space age! Kickboxing is the world's fastest growing sport. At it's very basic, it is a stand-up form of striking consisting of a variety of attacks but is commonly known for strikes with the hands and legs (punches and kicks). A lot of trainers incorporate elements of boxing and Muay Thai apart from other martial arts. Our kickboxing trainers will help you to kick box like a pro, learn to defend yourself against attacks and also get you into shape! You will learn proper stance, attacks, movement and much more. You will also learn and appreciate the wide spectrum of skills and disciplines that are put together in nearly infinite ways when it comes to learning kickboxing.

What you will learn

Stance & movement
Attacking with punches
Elbow & knee attacks
Kick attacks

If you are planning to hire a personal trainer for kickboxing you can train in a cool carpeted area of your living room where you can do push-ups or sit-ups. As you progress in your kickboxing skills and your own personal esteem you might want to build your own personal kickboxing gymnasium in an extra room or garage. Simply place a carpet on the floor and you are set to go!

If you want to have all the equipment in place before embarking on a training regime you can buy the following items: a large household carpet, a large fan or air conditioning, a floor or ceiling mounted punch bag, skipping ropes, standard boxing gloves, mouth piece, hand wraps, Kickboxing helmet and foot protectors. Also add aspirin, pain balm and cold compress.

As you move forward in your kickboxing training, you will need to practice quite a bit to learn proper form and technique. We advise you here to make your training fun and approach it as a fun activity. If you do this then you are more likely to stick with it. Be respectful of yourself and your training partners. This leads to better training relationships and better results!

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    FAQ section

    What is kickboxing?

    At it's most basic, kickboxing is a sport where two boxers fight in the ring. The sport is a self-disciplinary event which teaches the student patience and self-discipline. Though kickboxing is a form of physical sport that involves the use of punches and strikes it has limitations and rules. The players in kickboxing have to hit each other with legal strikes to earn points. Sometimes the players try to knock each other down as well. The player who has the maximum points at the end of the game is declared the winner. Kickboxing is played by both men and women but in recent times kickboxing seems to be more popular with women because of the intensity of each session and the sense of exhilaration one feels after every session that is simply unmatched by any other fitness activity.

    What is the history of kickboxing?

    Kickboxing had its origins as an ancient sport thousands of years ago. Martial arts like kung-fu and kickboxing started at the Shaolin temple in Okinawa, Japan. Kickboxing can be considered to be practial kung-fu. Muay-Thai or Thai-Karate began in Siam (Now Thailand) over two thousand years ago. An ancient legend states that a king of Siam “Para Buddha Chao Sua”, The Tiger King of Siam entered Muay-thai fighting contests disguised as a simple pheasant and defeated all contestants. In the early days, there were no protective equipment used but King Chulalongkorn made the use of equipment like gloves and other protective gearscompulsory. Today kickboxing is the world’s fastest growing sport with over 100 official organizations on all 7 continents. North America, Japan, China and Thailand have their own form of kickboxing and organizations. Wako Asian Kicking Federation is the governing body on behalf of Asian countries and internationally it is governed by World Association of Kickboxing Organisation. You would be surprised to know that the major dominating countries in kickboxing are countries like Vietnam, South Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Iran!

    What is the equipment needed for kickboxing?

    The most basic and essential equipment needed for kickboxing is a pair of boxing gloves. If you want to spar, then a mouth guard is also a must-have. A mouth guard will reduce the impact of any hard punch on your face or chin and will also protect your teeth. Shin Guards is another thing to buy. Shin Guards may not be needed when kicking the Muay Thai bags but you will need them during live sparring to prevent potential fractures. You should also buy and use ankle support wraps since kickboxing involves heavy movement of your ankles and it is commonly injured especially during sparring season. Finally the last important gear to buy is head gear which can absorb any type of hard hits coming towards your head thus keeping your brain safe and protected. When buying equipment always spend a little bit more and buy the best quality gear. Cheaper gear will fail to give you 100 % protection.

    What does a typical kickboxing session consist of?

    Every kickboxing class starts with a warm up cardio exercise. Your kickboxing coach will then demonstrate the correct techniques to be utilized during the session ahead. The first segment of a training session is usually used to practice good boxing and kickboxing techniques. The session will then move into strike, kick and punch combinations structured in two or three minute rounds to simulate a competitive match. During each round your trainer will be the defender / pad holder. All kickboxing classes end with strength, abs and back exercises followed by stretching.

    Why is kickboxing so popular especially amongst women?

    Over the last few years we at Wellintra have personally witnessed the rise of boxing and kickboxing as amongst the most popular fitness options for fitness-conscious people in India especially amongst women. The reason for the popularity of kickboxing is that you get the best quality of cardio and resistance workout and at the same time learn valuable self-defense skills which are important life skills in today's modern world. Although sparring is an option for advanced students, 99% of students learn kickboxing strictly for the fitness aspect. Kickboxing offers you the opportunity to train like a real boxer or professional kickboxer gaining all the health benefits without getting in the ring.

    What are the health benefits of kickboxing?

    Studies conducted have shown that a 45 - 60 minute boxing or kickboxing session can burn off a whopping 500 - 800 calories! in addition to the fat loss you are also building lean muscle which increases your metabolism burning calories at rest and toning your whole body. Kickboxing exercises concentrate on the thighs, hips and buttocks unlike any other workout out there. If you are training along with your spouse, sibling or a friend then you also get the increased motivation and commitment that comes with working out with someone else. Unlike the traditional yoga or Zumba® class where everyone is staying at the same pace, your intensity during kickboxing sessions is solely determined by you and your partner. The use of focus pads and heavy bags provides a great form of resistance training that again helps you build lean muscle and also has the additional perk of increasing bone density which is important as you get older.

    I am a gym rat. Can I take up kickboxing?

    People all over India have begun trying fitness boxing and kickboxing as alternatives to the traditional gym workouts and have found kickboxing to be the most fun, motivating and challenging workouts that they have ever experienced. With a kickboxing session in the evenings, you can relieve your frustrations from the workday and vent out your aggressions as you kick, punch, bob and weave your way into the best shape of your life! Experience the thrill of hitting a heavy bag, punching a focus pad and kicking a shield while learning self-defense. Jump rope, work the speed-bag, shadow box, complete the agility kickbox-circuit or work on the core stability ball strength training exercises that will give you killer abs, tone your muscles, build your endurance and shape your physique. Who needs the gym after all that?!

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