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Kickboxing is a form of exercise that is as old as the stones in the Great Wall of China and as modern as the space age! Kickboxing is the world's fastest growing sport. At it's very basic, it is a stand-up form of striking consisting of a variety of attacks but is commonly known for strikes with the hands and legs (punches and kicks). A lot of trainers incorporate elements of boxing and Muay Thai apart from other martial arts. Our kickboxing trainers will help you to kick box like a pro, learn to defend yourself against attacks and also get you into shape! You will learn proper stance, attacks, movement and much more. You will also learn and appreciate the wide spectrum of skills and disciplines that are put together in nearly infinite ways when it comes to learning kickboxing.

What you will learn

Stance & movement
Attacking with punches
Elbow & knee attacks
Kick attacks

If you are planning to hire a personal trainer for kickboxing you can train in a cool carpeted area of your living room where you can do push-ups or sit-ups. As you progress in your kickboxing skills and your own personal esteem you might want to build your own personal kickboxing gymnasium in an extra room or garage. Simply place a carpet on the floor and you are set to go!

If you want to have all the equipment in place before embarking on a training regime you can buy the following items: a large household carpet, a large fan or air conditioning, a floor or ceiling mounted punch bag, skipping ropes, standard boxing gloves, mouth piece, hand wraps, Kickboxing helmet and foot protectors. Also add aspirin, pain balm and cold compress.

As you move forward in your kickboxing training, you will need to practice quite a bit to learn proper form and technique. We advise you here to make your training fun and approach it as a fun activity. If you do this then you are more likely to stick with it. Be respectful of yourself and your training partners. This leads to better training relationships and better results!

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