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Health Tips January 5, 2016

It seems like a no-brainer for us to exhort you to spend more money on Fitness but if you can afford a personal trainer then heck why not! If you have a great well paying job or if you have a successful business, then spending money on fitness should be a key priority.

Spend more on Fitness

Or else what are you earning money for? Being well off means that you can get the best help to preserve your precious body for as long as possible in the best possible condition. Of course being financially comfortable means that you are privileged to fulfill your financial, professional and personal goals and afford to buy the things that are out of the reach of the common man or woman. The perks of being rich means that you can live in a fashionable address, afford a great set of wheels, travel to exotic locations among other things – and afford to hire a personal trainer! Hiring a personal trainer will ensure that you not only stick to your fitness plans and resolutions but you will also be motivated to get there faster with lesser risks of injury. A fit, healthy and lithe body is achievable and within your reach. A healthy body and an attractive personality and figure will help you to enjoy the luxuries and bounties of life to the fullest for many decades to come. So why not use a portion of your monthly salary or use some of that money lying dormant in your bank account to improve your health? Because what good is a million dollars in your bank account if failing health keeps you bedridden?! As they say ‘It sucks when you are sick and the sun is shining and your friends are out playing!’

Get a Sleeker Body

Mumbai female personal-trainersLets face it. Good design rules our lives. Right from the design of the Iphone to the sleek fluidic look of the new Baleno. Fluidic, liquid, flowy are the new buzzwords. But can these words be used to define your own shape? Forget a Ferrari – the human body is the most beautiful and streamlined product in the whole world. Billions of years of evolution have perfected the shapes of our bodies. Every part of your body serves a purpose not only in form but also in function and is a marvel of aesthetics and sophistication. But even God’s own creations can be ruined by a daily diet of pizza and Pepsi! Have you let your beautiful body become bloated and out of shape over time? Are you less than satisfied about your appearance? Do you feel embarrassed about your weight? If your answer to these questions is yes then it’s about time to shed the flab and return back to your long lost hunter-gatherer physique and optimum physical condition. Make a new year’s resolution that your body will now be as sleek as the smartphone you carry and be in as good working condition as a mint-condition Lamborgini!

Start Looking Younger

Most of the overall decline in one’s looks and physical features that we experience between the ages of thirty and seventy actually have more to do with a sedentary lifestyle than actual aging. If you exercise, run or do yoga you will immediately start to slow down the deterioration of your bodily systems. Even if you have been sedentary for long you can actually reverse the symptoms of aging and start looking and feeling ten years younger if you can manage to fit in an hour of exercise or yoga everyday. This is because exercise or doing yoga can reverse impairments in sleep, sexual and cognitive functions and help you gain muscle mass and strengthen you bones giving you a much youthful appearance. Being young or staying young – isn’t that the elixir that we have all been looking for and to think that this elixir has been there all along right under your nose!

Live Pain Free

Is back pain, knee pain or any other prolonged illness keeping you away from a fit and active lifestyle? You can cross that excuse off your list! A lot of folks with acute aches and pains in their bodies fear that exercising or doing yoga will worsen the injury and further aggravate their conditions. But in fact, research has proved that exercising has no effect whatsoever on the development of back pain. Most people who suffer from back pains have trunk muscles that are weaker than normal individuals who do not have back pain. So effectively exercising can reverse back pain and result in a more functional and pain-free body. Specific asanas in Yoga and back-strengthening exercises advised by a qualified and certified personal trainer can reduce back pain in 80 % of cases. As always, when you start any new physical exercise regimen – start slowly at first but do make it a point to continue and be regular with your yoga sessions or workouts! That is the only way you will be able to greet New Year’s Eve on the 31st of December 2016 pain-free and alive!

Start Using Your Brain

Well it pays to use your brain in all aspects of your life but when it comes to fitness and before you move even a single muscle in your body, I would advise you first to use your brain. Because your brain is your best asset when it comes to exercise and success in changing your habits boils down to motivation. Our own research has proved that 50 % of people who approach us to hire a personal trainer drop out within 3 months! This is not because their bodies have given up on them. On the contrary their physical conditions have improved for the better. They stop their exercise routine because their motivation has dried up! I would advise you to not let that happen to you. The only thing that can make you stick to an exercise routine is if you make it a priority. Interestingly, you will be more motivated to work out if you do not concentrate only on your physical appearance but rather on your desire to remain fit. If you focus only on immediate results and short term gains you will quit soon. But if you let your mind take over you will definitely stick to your fitness resolution for the rest of your life.

Create More EO’s

EO’s stand for exercise opportunities. Think about seizing every single chance that you get to move your body during the span of the day. Being fit is not just hiring a personal trainer for a one hour Fitness trainers Bandraworkout thrice a week. Being fit is a state of mind and it begins by being an ‘exercise opportunist’. Modern life has has eliminated virtually all movement from our daily lives. But there are a thousand ways to get movement back into your life. The first and most obvious activity is walking. Walk whenever you can and wherever you can. Walk to work if possible or walk to the grocery store. Take a walk with a pal, your spouse, your kid or your dog. Buy a bicycle and ride to the grocery store or to your local gym instead of taking your 4 wheeler. Use the stairs. Do things standing up on your feet like when you are talking on the phone or having a cup of tea or coffee. Give the maid a break on weekends. Put on some loud music and do some housework like dusting or sweeping. Instead of meeting friends or business acquaintances at a coffee shop, decide to meet them at the local garden where you could discuss 2016 sales plans over a walk. Turn every chore into a exercise activity – waiting for the water to boil, cooking at the stove, doing side stretches and spot jogging while watching TV. Be an EO and you will soon see that fat dissolve to reveal the taut and beautiful body that lies underneath!

Start Giving Healthy Gifts

Spouse’s birthday approaching? How about giving him / her a fitness gift instead of the latest model of the Ipad? Gift your spouse or a friend a gym membership at your gym. It will not only give both of you some more time to be together but also make your spouse fitter and sexier! Gift your inactive friend personal training sessions in Yoga for 6 months and you will be helping him gain ten years of life! More healthy gifting ideas – Fitness magazine subscriptions, electronic fitness companions like calorimeters, pedometers and step trackers, exercise DVD’s, a healthy cookbook or even an exercise basket that contains a set of dumbbells or an exercise ball, skipping rope etc.

Embrace Nature

Nature is our only refuge left in the world when the pressures and complications of modern life get to us. Haven’t you ever felt like retreating into a quiet jungle or taking a walk all by yourself on a sandy seashore whenever you are depressed or sad? That’s the primeval man or woman inside of you that longs to return back to a state of bliss and happiness. Remember that for more than ten thousand years, our species has had a close relationship with nature. It is only in the last two hundred years or so ever since the dawn of the industrial age that we have lost touch with Nature. So whenever you can, start building a relationship with nature once again – whether its a walk in the park, time spent in a garden, a run on a beach, a hike in the mountains or even just some time spent watching a pigeon or a hawk fly across outside your apartment. Nature will bring you back to your true self and will help to center you and serve as a form of meditation and relaxation.

Reduce Anger & Learn to Forgive

Fitness instructor at homeThere is really no point in trying to become healthy if anger rules your life. Like a stealthy thief, venomous anger can rob you of your health. If you suffer from angry outbursts one too many times during the day then you will ultimately suffer the penalty. In a study conducted on over a thousand medical students it was found that those who had the highest levels of anger (expressed or concealed anger, irritability) were at high risk of developing premature heart attack than those who had low levels of anger. A high level of anger over sustained periods of time can cause premature heart attack. Holding anger within you for long periods of time can be toxic. On the contrary, learn to forgive. If you forgive easily, you will enjoy greater psychological well being and suffer from lesser depression. There is a beautiful old saying from the beautiful island of Hawaii, “You have to forgive three times. First you must forgive yourself because you will never be perfect. Secondly, you have to forgive your enemies because the fire of anger will consume you and your family. And thirdly you have to forgive your friends because Forgiving thy name is friendship!”

Sleep Well

This is perhaps the most important decision you can take in the new year considering that in today’s world, work pressures and stress has reduced one’s sleeping time considerably. There is no doubt at all that good health and a good night’s sleep are intertwined. There are countless health problems that can occur from lack of sleep. Sleep deprivation can make you more vulnerable to colds and infections apart from putting you at greater risk for developing chronic health problems such as diabetes, hypertension, metabolic syndrome, and even obesity. It has been proven that the less you sleep the more likely are the chances of you becoming fat and obese. Those who sleep four hours or less per night have a 80 % chance of becoming overweight. When you are tired you are less likely to make good choices about health-related activities. It is really difficult for a sleep deprived person to keep up with exercise routines or to even cook a healthy dinner! Getting sufficient sleep not only contributes to your long-term health and your overall performance, it also helps reduce your chances of becoming obese.

If you adopt even a few of these ten fitness resolutions in the new year, you can begin to positively transform your life. At Wellintra we believe that we are transforming lives. By ensuring that more people have access to the best and most passionate fitness trainers in their cities, we believe we are ultimately creating more happiness and joy in the world because it is ultimately good health that enables us to enjoy life to the maximum. By contributing positively to the lives of our many clients, we believe we are accumulating good karma and ultimately paying back to the universe the gift that we have ourselves been bestowed with – a sound mind within a sound body!


Atin Dasgupta is the founder of Wellintra Fitness and is an artist-entrepreneur who makes music and builds businesses in his spare time!

Atin is the founder of Wellintra Fitness.
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