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Yoga is popular more than ever today. Millions of people all over the world have personally experienced the life enhancing benefits of yoga and have found that it reduces pain and stress, creates a fitter body and helps them grow spiritually. Most people who practise yoga commonly report that doing yoga feels good and increases their sense of happiness and well-being.

Though a lot of people emphasize and practise only the physical asanas, they fail to realise that yoga can be a lot more. Yoga can be used as a roadmap for increased awareness and mindfulness. Regular yoga practice can help foster a deep awareness of the connection between mind, body and spirit and also help one become aware of how one is also equally connected with all other beings on Earth as well as the Universe beyond.

Yoga Is a Sanctuary of Peace

Yoga is becoming increasingly relevant in today’s modern hyper-connected world in which our lives are dominated by a non-stop whirlwind of activities. Mobile phones and digital fitness trackers now rule our minds and also dictate the rhythm of our lives. Amidst all of this craziness, yoga can help keep you grounded because all it takes is one sticky mat and commitment to practise with zero intervention of technology.

If you are a regular yoga practitioner you will know that your yoga practise is the only spot of time in the day when you can really unplug, enter a calm and blissful state and be acutely aware of your own body and of your breath. When you are a yoga teacher, you have the privilege of helping and guiding others through the same process. The process is fraught with roadblocks and challenges but it is always fulfilling and highly rewarding.

Teaching Yoga – A Lifestyle Business

Teaching yoga is a lifestyle business. Which means that you take a hobby or pastime activity that is a core part of your lifestyle and have taken the time and effort to create a career out of it or create some revenue that can add to your income. For a lot of yoga teachers, teaching yoga is another excuse to get on the mat! There is also the added benefit of watching their students develop and like them develop a pronounced hatred to life in a corporate job, endless meetings and bumper-to-bumper traffic.

The Positive News About Teaching Yoga

Yoga is booming all over the world. And it does not require any in-depth research to tell you that. Millions of people young and old practise yoga in India. Most people in India have taken a yoga class at least at some point in their lives. More men and more older women are practising now than ever before. Yoga Instructors and Yoga practitioners are also contributing to the Indian economy by spending on teacher training courses, yoga classes, yoga wear, yoga accessories and yoga equipment such as mats, bolsters etc. Yoga is also very attractive to most people due to the relaxed and less strenuous nature with most people reporting that they are somewhat likely to most likely to practise yoga in the next 1 year. Research also indicates that yoga practitioners tend to have a positive self-image. They are more likely than non-practitioners to report that they have good balance, good physical strength and a high range of motion and flexibility.

Most people who practise yoga also slowly start to develop more awareness about nature, the environment and about their community and are likely to indulge in caring and sharing programs for their community and their immediate environments. Most yoga practitioners are conscious about the impact their choices can have on the their own health as well as the health of their family members and the community. They will report eating sustainable foods, going vegetarian and living in an eco-friendly manner as opposed to those who have never done yoga.

Yogis live life with more self-awareness and positivity. Because of this heightened sensitivity, they end up making an enormous difference for the causes of environmental degradation, pollution and organic produce. If you are a Yoga teacher or a trainee Yoga teacher, you can rest assured that the demand for Yoga Teachers is now higher than ever and the demand for quality yoga instructors cannot decrease but only grow in the future!

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