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The Yoga Alliance (YA) and the Registered Yoga School (RYS) systems are an attempt to guarantee high quality education for yoga teachers. Graduating from a yoga alliance certified school does not guarantee good education for a teacher. Learning about the structure of the Yoga Alliance and standards of education can help one decide whether or not they wish to register with a yoga alliance certified school.

Contrary to popular belief, the Yoga Alliance is not a certifying or regulatory body. It is a registry which requires payments for teachers to have their names registered and use their registered icons. It is not designed yo enforce or create any rules related to the practice of Yoga.

Teachers who wish to register themselves with the YA must be certified by a registered Yoga school. Since learning is a lifelong process, teachers are encouraged to keep upgrading their skills through continuing education.

While a registration with the Yoga Alliance might look good on a CV, help with securing a better job or a stable position at a reputable fitness centre, it doesn’t determine skills as a yoga teacher. In order to master those skills, it is imperative one continue learning and upgrading their skills everyday.

200 Hour Certification

Well most trainings in the western countries target the 200 hour model along with The Yoga alliance standards, there are a variety of different models, longer and shorter, around the world. There are also systems that run shorter weekend programs that are aimed at fitness professionals with previous experience. 200 hour trainings are not required to be focused around 200 classroom hours and the curriculum covers yoga postures, alignment, techniques, training and practice, anatomy and physiology and professional essentials required to build a career. There are various reasons why a certified yoga trainer might want to register with Yoga Alliance but one of the main reasons teachers wish to register is if they intend to teach a gym or a fitness center, as the hiring managers might demand to see a RYT designation as proof that the trainer has undergone professional training.

300 / 500 Hours

Yoga alliance affiliated study programs can register as an RYS 300. Once the advanced training program of 300 hours is completed, it can be added to the 200 hour program and registered at RYT as a 500 hour program. Advanced study programs help dive deep into a style of yoga that help teachers choose their area of specialization. RYS 300 programs can help sharpen teaching skills in a structured manner.

An advanced training program is useful for gaining insight into various subjects of yoga and teaching experience.


1000 Hours

While 1000-hour trainings are not affiliated with The Yoga alliance, they do offer some form of structure to continuing education and help teachers network among the yoga community. 1000-hour trainings help focus on expanding yoga knowledge with complementary study.

E – RYT Designation

The Yoga Alliance recognizes experienced teachers with the E-RYT designation which is the Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher designation. To qualify for the experience designation, teachers need a minimum 1000 teaching hours after graduating from our yoga alliance certified school.

Assessing the YTT Options

In order to figure out the next yoga teachers training course that would be beneficial for you, It is recommended you select a format that would be best suitable for your learning style. Answering the following questions might help you choose a course and make a decision right for your career:

  • How many hours a week would you be able to dedicate to the course?
  • Are you more of a theory or practical-knowledge person?
  • What financial resources do you have in place to support your training?

FAQ’s about Yoga Teacher Training

Teachers training courses that fit all requirements are hard to find. Hence, Wellintra decided to answer some of the most asked questions by yoga professionals:

What is the most challenging part of teacher training?

One of the most challenging parts of yoga training is that a number of people are nervous while speaking in a crowd. As you a trainer, one is expected to instruct a class full of 20 to 30 people at any given moment. Hence, it is essential to overcome the fear of public speaking and gain confidence.


What does a given day during yoga teachers training look like?

In order to get a sense of the entire schedule, students are advised to get in touch with the Institute and coordinate the schedule and timings to make sure they can accommodate it within their daily lives. A regular day during the course includes asanas, posture alignment, lectures, chanting and other bonding activities.

How should the student handle physical limitations?

Some programs include intricate postures like the Wheel Pose, the Handstand or Headstand. Many a time, students are unable to perform said poses due to some or the other physical limitation. In this case, teachers are advised to inform the Institute beforehand to make sure the instructors are well-aware of the limitations.

What is the next step after yoga teacher training?

Once the teachers training course has been completed and teachers a certified, they can apply for jobs at fitness and wellness centers, studios, or choose to work privately. Wellintra, however, advices all new graduate teachers to apply for jobs at fitness and wellness centers in order to gain the required teaching experience that will help polish your skills.

As an aspiring Yoga Trainer, one can often find themselves surrounded by a sea of options with reference to courses, institutes and jobs. It is, however, important to map out a career goal and take small steps towards achieving the same.

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