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Tips For Yoga Trainers August 16, 2022

Yoga Teacher to Yogipreneur

It’s the entrepreneurial mindset that keeps educators competitive. Without making this mental change, you’ll probably find yourself going around in circles. The more yoga teachers who develop a business mindset, the more people you will be able to assist in this world.  With this mindset, you can make the most of your time and abilities to have a greater impact on the world. As a budding or even an experienced yoga trainer aiming to make a career out of teaching yoga, simply changing your way of thinking will enable you to reach your greatest potential. Don’t be alarmed by the word entrepreneur. I’m going to break it down in a way that will genuinely motivate and empower you.

Let’s begin by providing two straightforward definitions of an entrepreneur:

  • A person who launches a business and is ready to take a loss in order to profit
  • A person who, typically with significant initiative and risk, plans and runs any endeavor, especially a business.

Okay, business, risk, loss, and enterprise do seem a little terrifying. What? But do not be alarmed, brave yogis, for their definitions conceal much more.

Take note of the first few words of the first definition. An entrepreneur is someone who launches a project, business, or initiative. Someone who transforms an idea into reality. A businessperson is in charge and is the one who moves the endeavor forward.

Let’s examine some of the additional terms, including organized management, and risk. A business owner is also accountable for the success of their endeavor. They need to have full control over the project since they are willing to take chances.

Imagine starting your ideal job as a yoga instructor. How does that appear to you? What sensation do you have? What if you could make that wish come true? Well, surprise! You can!

You can build the opulent teaching yoga career you’ve long dreamed of by adopting an entrepreneurial attitude. Being a yoga teacher automatically makes you a leader, so capitalize on that fact and steer your career in the desired direction. Stop seeking external manifestation since no one will put the puzzle pieces together for you. You must exercise initiative, seize opportunities when they arise, and take ownership of your career path. Stand up for your goals and be prepared to take some risks to achieve them. Although it can seem unsettling, you actually have the element that unites everything. The secret ingredient. You’re passionate. You are driven by a deep desire to assist others through the practice of yoga. It’s your dharma.

group of young people sitting in sukhasana

Entrepreneurs are driven by their passion, which justifies taking the risk. Your inner fire’s vitality is passion. It’s the emotion you experience when a student recalls a touching memory from your lesson. It is the driving force behind both the internal desire to assist others in undergoing their own transformation and the transformation you have undergone through yoga. It’s what keeps you going in spite of all the difficulties in your line of work. You, my friend, already possess the key component because passion is the intrinsic love that exists deep within the heart of an entrepreneur. All that’s left to do is add to it.

The Missing Elements

Without discussing business, we cannot discuss the entrepreneurial spirit, and many yoga teachers lack the business skills necessary for long-term success. Passion alone won’t lead to your dream career; neither will a plan, action, or hard effort. Fortunately for you, a business can be learned, but passion cannot.

This blog article is a guide to the ideal teaching profession. In this article I am trying to assist you in fusing your profession with your passion and business savvy to make it all work. Many of the necessary components are probably already in your pantry. For some yoga teachers, the process simply entails going through them, eliminating what you don’t need, and boosting the amount of what you do. Some yoga teachers armed with a fresh yoga teachers training certificare might be beginning from scratch, while others will be learning new skills and incorporating new elements. It’s crucial to avoid having fear of the word “business,” which many yoga trainers inadvertently do, wherever you are. We’re in peril because of that fear-based mindset and misinterpretation of the term.

Let’s examine a few of the numerous meanings of the term “business”:

  • A job, a trade, or a profession
  • An individual, partnership, or company that trades products or services
  • The act of obtaining one’s livelihood through commercial activity
  • A project or an affair
  • Something that a person has a legitimate concern about

Why are yoga teachers scared of business? What are the feelings in those definitions, if a business is just a trade practice or service and why do such words causes a yoga teacher to wince and flee? The words like “corporation” are also actively resisted by some yoga trainers. Business is frequently associated by yoga trainers with large corporations, deceptive advertising, greed, and selling out. A lot of times yoga instructors see how the word yoga is being used by businesses to make money, and naturally they don’t want any part of it. But the main issue is that, instead of bringing social good through the benefits of yoga, some enterprises are driven by growing their financial line.

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The wonderful thing about business today, though, is that organizations of all sizes are discovering the importance of putting customers first. Take Toms Shoes as an illustration. Their business philosophy is centered on doing good, with financial success coming as a result. These firms are mushrooming in numerous industries in todays world, including yoga, food, and fashion.

You see, your yoga firm or wellness firm won’t suffer from greed, deceit, or hostility when your actions and decisions are motivated by providing value for the customers you serve. Once you let go of your fear of the ugly, creating a conscious business will come rather effortlessly to you because, as yoga teachers, serving others is already what we do. Think about the clients you serve. You should act with the assumption that they have your best interests at heart. If you accomplish this, you will undoubtedly draw wealth and a following of devoted followers.

You Are An Organization

It’s time to start thinking beyond the yoga studio if you’re tired of being underpaid and hopping from studio to studio. Ironically you will soon discover that as a certified yoga instructor, you don’t need a studio to teach yoga — that’s the thing most yoga instructors learn through opening a studio. One of Wellintra’s yoga trainers continuously marketed her services about the local neighborhood giving them a sample of what she had to offer as part of her  marketing efforts to attract customers. She was also coming up with creative new ways to bring in money for the studio. Marathons, health fairs, fundraising walks, student clubs and events, community centers, nonprofit groups, and business retreats are a few of the things she was involved with. She was soon teaching private yoga classes, one off and regular group classes at corporate companies, yoga for local sports teams etc. etc. As all those classes were taught on-site, she didn’t need a physical studio and she quickly learned to think outside her own yoga studio.

Having said that, I don’t minimize the significance of the yoga studio’s own functions and contributions to the neighborhood. But when you think about it,  you can operate an on-site yoga studio without the expenses of a studio. When yoga trainers first begin, they have no idea there are so many different options for bringing yoga to the community, and usually have no idea a teacher can have their own independent business. You are actually self-employed and running your own business if you do any non-employee activity, such as teaching as an independent contractor or tutoring individuals who aren’t clients of a studio. In other words, it’s time to begin acting and thinking like the businesses that you are.

After emancipating yourself from the yoga studio, the first step is to treat your career like a real business. Thinking like a business will give you useful tools to optimize your potential and progress. Recall those business definitions? Your career is your business, and you are an independent contractor who trades yoga lessons. There is nothing improper with adopting a business-savvy yogi mindset. You’re becoming more knowledgeable about your work and your dharma, and you have complete control over it. You don’t have to “sell out” or join the dark side just because you’re a corporation! Simply said, thinking like a business will help you reach more people with yoga in a more efficient and long-lasting manner by maximizing your potential.

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When you are ready to go the extra mile to create them yourself, there are countless opportunities to teach yoga. They won’t be made for you by the yoga studio. It will require more planning, dedication, and effort. However, the advantages are far bigger, and you don’t necessarily have to switch from your leggings to a pantsuit. In future blog articles we will guide you through the process of developing your heart-centered, business-savvy strategy to start or grow your own yoga business.

Shifting Mindset to being a Yogipreneur

Growing your business and developing a successful business model requires a mentality shift from yoga instructor to yogipreneur. You may transition from an employee-attitude to an entrepreneurial mindset and succeed in your online yoga business by developing an entrepreneurial mindset. Act on it now! The time is right to change your perspective from that of a yoga teacher to that of an online yogipreneur.

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