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If you are one of the hundreds of yoga trainers male or female and are finding it hard to get by with what you are making, read on. Please do not read this if you subscribe to the theory of Yoga as a profession which is at odds with making money and promoting yourself. Money and self-promotion is not evil. Money is just a form of energy and it is what you choose to do with it that is more important. If you can become famous and make loads of money (or energy) being a yoga trainer, it can only help you spread your message of unity, peace and universal brotherhood to a large audience and you can do it for a much longer period of time. Here are the two main reasons that you may be currently struggling:

  1. You Haven’t created a Brand Around Yourself
  2. You are Working Hard – Not Working Smart

There are some facts that have to be remembered and these ring true across the world:

a. Working in a Yoga Studio or Running a Yoga Studio is not the only route to creating income. In fact it is the least profitable route because of overhead expenses.

b. Becoming a sought after Yoga Trainer means you will have do an image makeover starting with how you look, how you speak and how you come across to the world.

c. Teaching group yoga classes seriously limits your income, saps your energy and kills your time.

At What Level Are You

a. You are a fresher who has just paid a fortune for undergoing a Yoga Teacher’s Training Course and you are now ready to start earning.

b. You are an experienced Yoga Trainer who wants to transit from teaching Yoga as a Part Time Hobby to a Full time Career.

c. You are ready to create a business and brand that is purely based on your own vision and mission.

Is this Your Dream?

  • Sharing Your Passion For Yoga
  • Working with Clients You Really Like
  • Remain totally in control of your Schedule
  • Growth & Opportunities
  • Consistent and abundant money
  • Multiple Income Streams

Yoga is Booming in India

Yoga is now a booming industry in India much like it was in the US in the later part of the 20th century and teaching Yoga is definitely a viable career for passionate Yogis and Yoginis. Millions of people across India are taking up the practice of yoga and there are thousands of certified Yoga instructors across India. Yoga Teachers Training institutes have in fact never had it better! Enrolments for YTT courses are increasing by leaps and bounds.

So lets now look at a fictional person named Nisha Bhojwani – a smart young woman in her early twenties born and brought up in a middle class or upper middle class family in one of India’s many metros. Let us look at the traditional route that Nisha along with scores of other young Yoga Instructors in India are likely to follow:

Step 1 : Practice Yoga for about 2 – 3 years

Step 2: Complete her 200 hours of Yoga Teachers Training from a reputed Yoga Institute and get certified.

Step 3: Teach Yoga at Reputed Gyms, Hotels or Spas.

Step 4: Improve her qualifications by undergoing another more intensive YTT course of 500 hours.

Step 5: Teach at a reputed local Yoga Studio or move to towns like Mumbai, Delhi & Bangalore to teach group Yoga.

Step 6: Eventually start her own Yoga Studio.

The Problem with Yoga Studios

  • Running a Yoga Studio in cities like Mumbai, Delhi & Bangalore can Burn a Hole in Your Pocket
  • Within the first year you can easily burn at least 10 lakhs of rupees on deposit money, rent, decoration etc.
  • Spending at least a few more lakhs on brand building such as Website, SEO, Social Media Marketing, offline marketing etc.
  • It takes more than 5 years for a well branded Yoga Studio to break even.
  • You are tied down to one place and do not have free time and money for exploring Yoga outside your studio.
  • Expect to recoup your initial investment after 6 – 7 years.

Let us Look at What a Freelance Yoga Instructor can do:

a. Teach Private as well as Group Classes. Private Yoga Instruction can pay much more per hour than group classes.

b. Become a Yoga Teacher at Yoga Training Institutes.

c. Have the time to hold Yoga Events, Workshops, Retreats and Speak and Lecture at Conferences Across India.

d. Have the time and money to create Products like a Youtube Channel or a Book which can increase your Brand Value.

e. Become a Corporate Wellness Instructor training Office Yoga to desk-bound corporate employees.

f. Teach Yoga at International Schools & Colleges across India.

g. Train Yoga at Spas and Wellness Centres.

e. Partner with allied specialists like General Physicians, Therapists, Nutritionists, Alternative Medicine Specialists for treating their clients.

Mobile Yoga Class

Mobile Yoga Classes are catching on in India. This is basically a concept where instead of the same old locations that Yoga Practitioners Learn in, the classes happen at scenic locations such as Parks, Gardens, Art Galleries, Museums, etc. It is invigorating, relaxing and also exciting for both the Trainer and Student and helps add an element of freshness and novelty to the practice of Yoga. Yoga in the outdoors can be highly rewarding and there is nothing like practicing yoga in the forests, mountains or beaches with the sound of nature and fresh oxygen invigorating your lungs, mind and body. Once people are hooked to this, it can become an addiction and people do not mind paying more for such classes.

Lets do a breakdown now of What a Yoga Trainer Can make:

[pricing_table] [pricing_column width=”” featured=”” title=”Private/Mobile Yoga” price=”Rs. 800-5000″ decimals=”” desc=”per student per session” button_text=”” button_url=”” button_target=”” button_rel=”” button_color=”” border_color=””] [/pricing_column] [/pricing_table]

[pricing_table] [pricing_column width=”” featured=”” title=”Group Class” price=”500 – 1000″ decimals=”” desc=”per class” button_text=”” button_url=”” button_target=”” button_rel=”” button_color=”” border_color=””] [/pricing_column] [/pricing_table]

Do the math for a private yoga trainer who has 5 – 6 quality students and you can see that she is easily making 50,000 per month with just private classes. Add corporate yoga sessions and other freelancing and other activities and you can see that the sky is the limit for you!

Come To Us:

We are now also in the business of branding Private Yoga Trainers in India and advising them on image makeover, marketing, website construction and social media marketing – for a fee of course! But we are only taking on select Yoga Trainers who we believe can become the future Celeb Yoga Trainers of tomorrow. You must fit the below prerequisites:

a. Indian Male or Female in your Twenties

b. Super Fit & Super Flexible Body

c. At least two years of Yoga Practice and Yoga Training Experience.

d. Smooth Skin Tone & Healthy Complexion

e. Pleasing Personality

f. Excellent Communication Skills in Both English & Hindi

If you possess all of the above qualities then you have it in you to become a star Yoga Trainer. If you are serious about making Yoga a lifelong occupation or if your income from Yoga Training has become stagnant over the years, then you need an image makeover. All you need is the right advice and grooming for you to shoot up straight up the Yoga Stratosphere and become an in-demand Yoga Trainer who not only makes abundant money but also commands respect and spreads happiness, bliss and love wherever she goes!

Call us on 9820 607 875 and let us build or reinvent your career.

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