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As is true with personal training, there are many different ways to define success.  If you are a personal trainer, your definition of success should not be about having a full schedule of appointments, but rather being able to establish oneself as a go-to fitness expert, which paradoxically makes your clients want more of you. Being successful also entails offering superior service, especially to those who really need it. Excellent service on the human body in an untapped market will undoubtedly ensure a steady supply of customers for decades to come, even in times of burnout and back issues.

With our decade of our experience in the fitness industry in India, we have distilled certain truths about personal trainers and clients. In our opinion, a successful personal trainer possesses five essential qualities.


Regardless of his physical attributes, a good fitness trainer instills in his students a desire for and confidence in their potential to achieve physical fitness. It is not about giving the customer a “great exercise” and then commending him, even if it is untrue. Lead someone to their own fitness by utilizing the tools they already possess, such as an internal hard drive, and guiding them in the proper way with comprehensive education rather than simply workouts. Making oneself obsolete has an absurd side effect: Your clients will start to “addict” this unique form of fitness, thriving in ways you never imagined possible. They will then exercise frequently and vigorously (i.e., putting in the “hard effort”), but you receive all the credit. That’s because you didn’t simply provide the customer exercises; you also assisted him in discovering his own sense of fitness. If you can improve your customers’ attitudes about fitness, their bodies will unavoidably change for the better as well.

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The lies that include more than one grain of truth are the worst. This myth seems to be backed up by the rules of physics and thermodynamics. However, a human being is a self-aware being. Our biology and health of us are significantly impacted by this ordinary psychological aspect. A 2011 Yale University study in which participants were given an identical shake with varying calorie information (i.e., less than the real quantity or more) produced an impractical conclusion from a scientific standpoint (lab). The hormone ghrelin was only briefly and minimally suppressed after ingesting the “healthy” shake, but it was significantly repressed after ingesting the “unhealthy” shake. As a result, the subjects who drank the nutritious shakes became hungry again earlier than the other individuals. Recognize the capacity of the mind and the uniqueness of every person!

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Avoid being a “kettlebell girl” or a “BOSU guy.” Never let a piece of gear you use define who you are. That is not to say, however, that fitness training should not include the use of exercise equipment. Set your standards for success! Your abilities and inventiveness are constrained by using a small selection of tools or techniques, which also affects your clients’ growth and contentment. Additionally, even purely out of personal preference, not every piece of equipment is suitable for every customer. This also holds true for already accessible technologies, such as smartbands, smart watches, pulse monitors, smartphone apps, and gadgets for tracking physical activity. Use whatever will help the client reach his specific goal tin he quickest and easiest way possible.


Two current world facts: The population as a whole is aging, a significant portion of people are overweight or even obese, and many more have various so-called lifestyle disorders. People need to feel better and desire to feel good about themselves. They will opt for the route that results in more well-being and better mobility, enabling them to manage daily activities and rediscover the joy in them. We affect a paradigm change by assisting our clients in achieving this objective and providing a thorough training program with a suitable starting point for each individual’s level of fitness. We have a great chance of succeeding with this strategy for two reasons.

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First and foremost, our capacity to reach the aging and “lifestyle-sick” population is crucial to our future success. If we are successful, we will have access to a market that is expanding and mostly untouched. Up until now, we have anticipated that these individuals will come to us, but now we must go where this target group specifically is and walk beside them personally.

Second, the standard of knowledge transfer keeps improving as a result of scientific research and numerous chances for continuous education.

If we don’t change our fitness training procedures to reflect the conditions and knowledge of the present, tomorrow’s students will be today’s trainers — a trainer with a more comprehensive foundational education. One of our personal trainers has recently concentrated his training efforts on enhancing all aspects of movement, and we  must admit that with time, he like all good personal trainers has developed a “faith healer-like” reputation among his clients. More mouth-to-mouth referrals than you can handle will arise from the several “I-can’t-believe-it-doesn’t-hurt!” moments you will have with your existing clients.


Is it any wonder that the public frequently complains about the overabundance of personal trainers working in the fitness industry at the moment? Some personal trainers still believe that vomiting following a challenging workout, muscular acidosis, or bloody calluses are positive training effects. No matter the type, physical harm to one’s body is never cause for celebration! One of the biggest issues in every field, including the fitness industry, is intensity without knowledge or intelligence. Yes, intensity produces results, but whether to work out at a low, medium, or high intensity depends on one’s level of fitness right now. The types of fitness instructors who pick up their clients at their front doors, give them an intense workout that their bodies cannot take, and feverishly take measurements all the time are those who eventually leave the field altogether!

If you embody this extreme example of a personal trainer, when a client is strapped for cash, you will likely be the first budget cut! Sad but true.  Almost every fitness publication, internet video, and fitness website includes “intense workouts,” plus books. They are widely available. However, being able to support someone in his personal growth in athletics, not only with strength and compassion but also with true independence is what gives a person confidence in their athletic talents. A fitness professional — one with the capacity to remain active over the long term in the industry is generally the one who does the above.


There are many people in the lucrative fitness sector who are only looking to earn quick money. How can you tell a good fitness trainer from a bad one? Ineffective Trainers turn away from their existing clients and spend a lot of time looking for new clients. However, the best and successful fitness instructors have a few distinguishing characteristics that we have mentioned in this article above that brings in a loyal following of students constantly. You can decide if this is the perfect career for you by knowing what makes a good group exercise instructor or a one-on-one trainer.

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