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Kickboxing, Personal Training Tips August 22, 2015

With today’s fast paced lifestyle, crazy schedules and insane traffic it is indeed nothing short of a miracle for most corporate employees and professionals to find time for joining a group yoga class or a gym / health club.

Personal Training at Home Beats Gym Training

The need of the hour is home-based fitness programs that a company like ours aims to provide to Fitness-conscious citizens of Mumbai. Today in this article we show you how with a few basic equipment and by being creative it is easy to remain fighting fit. Remember working out in your home not only saves time spent commuting to a gym or Yoga Class but is also very cost effective because we all know that the main reason why gyms exist is to maximize profit. The improvement of your health is far from the minds of the owners of most loss-making gyms and yoga studios in today’s world!

All You Need to Remain Fit

  • A portable exercise bench (can be custom made or purchased from any sports equipment store)
  • Two or three dumb bells varying from 2 – 20 kgs.
  • For those interested in Yoga or Pilates, a floor mat.
  • A swiss ball which is proportional to your height
  • A treadmill ( a basic one will cost you about Rs. 25,000 and there are lots of good second hand ones for sale in the seconds market going for as low as Rs. 10,000/-)

Now is this really tough to acquire or will this make a hole in your pocket! Absolutely not! After this all you need is a personal trainer to come over to your house for 1 hour thrice a week at your convenience. Home fitness works out especially great for those who are very conscious of their bodies and they way they currently look. No problem, work out in the privacy of your home and then dazzle everyone with your stunning body 6 months later at a party! Also in Mumbai’s muggy climate, it makes sense to walk or run on a treadmill in the clean air conditioned confines of your home rather than sweat it out in the noisy, hot, polluted, and haphazard roads and footpaths. When you work out at home, you do not have to worry about whether its day or night whether its hot, cold or pouring. Your training program can continue unabated with your personal trainer in tow.

A word of caution here: Though it is very easy to set up basic home fitness equipment in place, it is definitely not advisable to start working out on your own by watching videos or referring to books. In the world of fitness there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. Which is why investing in a personal trainer is advisable because your personal trainer will help you along the path by being your friend, mentor and guide and help you avoid needless injuries and setbacks in the process.

An Introduction to Kickboxing

If you want a total body workout without even investing in the aforementioned items you could consider investing in a personal kickboxing trainer. Every kickboxing session starts with a warm up cardio session consisting of either air attack moves or a skipping workout. The kickboxing instructor will then demonstrate the right technique to the student for the session ahead. The session then moves on to strike, kick and punch combos structured into two or three minute rounds to stimulate a competitive match. Round timers will indicate the start and end of every round with a 1 minute rest and water break. During each round, one partner is the striker while the other is the defendant / pad holder. Each combination is pre-determined in order that the partners are aware of the routine.

All classes conclude with strength, abdominal and back exercises followed by stretching.

Benefits of Personal Training in Kickboxing

  • Fat Loss
  • Stress Relief
  • Flexibility
  • Ease of Learning
  • Individuial Instructions
  • Body Toning
  • Safe For Body
  • Variety in Routine
  • Increase in Self-Confidence

Benefits of Kickboxing

Kickboxing offer an opportunity for the general population to train like a real boxer or kickboxer and gain all it’s benefits without having to get into the ring. [sd_action_box bgcolor=”#87dfff” textcolor=”#1c1c1c”]Studies have shown that a 45 minute kickboxing class can burn away between 600 – 800 calories![/sd_action_box] In addition to weight loss, with kickboxing you are also building lean muscle mass which is raising your metabolism burning calories at rest and ends up toning your entire body. The kicking exercises concentrates on the thighs, hips and buttocks unlike any other form of workout. By utilizing partner training you receive the increased motivation and commitment that makes it an ideal workout session for couples or workout partners of varied ages and fitness levels. Unlike say traditional Yoga or Zumba or Aerobics classes, where everyone is staying at the same pace, the intensity with which you and your trainer or partner trains is set by you. The use of focus bags and heavy pads provides a tremendous form of resistance training that builds lean muscle while at the same time also increasing your bone density.

The mental aspects of kickboxing training helps you build self-confidence because you know that you can defend yourself from attackers while at the same time the rigorous nature of the training ensures that you can blow off steam after a long hard day at work. Once you have learned the basics of kickboxing, the combinations that one can do are virtually limitless ensuring constant variety in your training routine. At the end of the day remember that you if you have chosen kickboxing as a sport for getting fit then you know that your agility, endurance and co-ordination will drastically improve over a short period of time.

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