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Every human being on this planet needs to be fit. In fact, it is their prime birthright to be fit. Apart from that, fitness is everybody’s primary requirement. If people do not indulge in fitness activities, it can easily deteriorate their health. Men and women in their youth are affected by diseases like diabetes and heart ailments. In fact, most of them are getting heart attacks in their 20s which is a worrying health trend. Although life expectancy has increased on average, there are far more deaths today.

But what has happened that has affected us so drastically? Most of our ailments can be blamed on our altered lifestyle patterns. We have been indulging in more sugary diets, without any knowledge of how it is going to affect our system. We also do not know the basic food types and end up eating in a way that we can’t burn off the required number of calories when we want to. Moreover, most of us have a sedentary job. Due to the lack of physical activity, we do not use up the entire reservoir of energy we have. This results in us piling on the pounds and within no time, the paunch shows up like a shameful deed from the past.

Why Women Need To Sweat It Out

Ladies, we as women need to be doubly concerned about our fitness. On average, we have to put in 20 minutes of extra exercise to burn the same amount of calories as men. Why? Blame it on our metabolism difference. Moreover, fat deposition in our bodies is different from that of men. Since all the deposited fat gets converted in the form of cellulite, it is not easy to burn it off that easily. So, the exercise regimen needs to be designed in such a manner that we should be able to sweat it out in an easy and effective manner. Fitness for women is an absolute must.

The exercises listed here – https://www.wellintra.com/trainings/ should also be able to change the metabolism of the body. With their aid, we should be able to process energy faster. Not only that, but these exercises should also be able to strengthen our core muscle groups which in turn will increase our power. Here is where the problem lies. Most of us do not know what exercises to pick. Moreover, there are so many of them. But there is something you ought to know – most of the exercises that are listed as fads are ineffective. Some of them exist just because they have been marketed in a better way than others. These are highly ineffective and do not help us to achieve our weight loss targets.

What does that do? We get exhausted, demotivated and leave exercising altogether. This is the biggest tragedy of all. Nothing is more dangerous than a tired, half-exercised body. We fall back on our old routine and resort to binge eating. After a while, we pile on more pounds in our paunch and weigh more than we used to weigh earlier. This is totally unacceptable.

Why Not Pilates?

There is nothing wrong with any exercise routine. In fact, we can never blame any one of these exercise routines in particular. But most of them are legit scams. They work on the principle of honey-trapping the vulnerable people in a category. In fact, most of these exercises are advertised in the same way. A fat person is shown to be transformed into his / her chiseled avatar, just because he / she incorporated a particular exercise routine. These routines, in reality, are exercise marketing fads.  Yogalates, Bolly-fitness, Jazzercise, Aerobics, you name any popular exercise trends from the last 25 years, they are all part of the glam-exercise category. It is certainly not right to put these exercise regimens under fitness for women category.

But what’s the shame in following such an exercise regimen? Something is better than nothing, right? Wrong! It’s condescending for women. How? Allow me to shed light in this somewhat gray area of our lives. Most women still don’t take their own life decisions. We seek the validity of the people we have in our lives. So we need empowerment. Exercise is a wonderful way of liberating our feelings. This is what the marketers exploit. They understand our pain points and then they act on it. What they fail to do is they don’t add the challenging stuff. Most of the workout regimens are lily-livered ones.

Do you know what’s worse? When we do not achieve the desired results, the advocates and trainers say that we are not putting in dedicated efforts. This is absolute nonsense. It is you who doesn’t know your own stuff. We were just following you with due diligence.

Even though Wellintra offers Pilates, I would go ahead and say, Pilates is not an effective exercise. Because it does not have the same level of intensity as old-school gym training. Look at all the Olympics level athletes and ask how our Indian home grown Olypians and athletes train. Does Mary Kom recommend Pilates? I dont think so!

Rough And Tough – The Indian Way

We Indians have always been so old school-ish.  In the olden days, each and everything we did in India was totally unglamorized. Our forefathers used to believe in manual labor, so their exercise was all dirty. If you needed to get in the mud, got in the mud. There was no escaping it. But at the end of it all, it worked wonders on your system.

We have evolved into modern city bred human beings. So there is no point in prescribing the physical routines our forefathers used to. So what is the modern Indian way of losing weight? First, you need access to an old-style gym. Dumbells, barbells and kettlebells, you need to have them all. Bench press, push-ups and everything that Rocky Balboa did in the movie for training against Apollo, Mr. T or Drago. Apart from chasing the chickens, you will need to do them all. You shall also have to go through an MMA training regimen or a preferred combat training.

Remember one more thing, while all of this is going to be arduous, at no point, we want you to be injured. So whatever you do, do it with care.

Why Women Should Not Work Out With Men

We are not referring to men as potential distractions. Yes, a lot can happen when your gymming spot is a co-ed venue. But right now, we are not referring to that. Men have different anatomy and physiology when compared to women. Also, their weight class is different because of the gender thing. So, if they are a part of our gym group, the level of intensity of exercise changes. Moreover, our core muscle groups are different than men’s. So having them as your gym-partner or trainer wouldn’t be the right way.

Having them by your side can create problems in many aspects. You need to understand that men are more aggressive than women. So their exercises are designed according to their psychology. Most of the men have an intimidating attitude. Weight loss is such a delicate time of your life that if you have such a threatening entity near you, he will certainly put you off your endeavors and probably off your rocker too.

That being said, I don’t recommend women working out with other women either. Yes, you read that right. Now, why don’t I recommend working out with other women? There’s no harm in that. But this person should be patient and knowledgeable. They should be soft during the beginning of the exercising regimen and should push you harder as you begin progressing. If she does not understand and empathize with us, then boy oh boy, are we messed up.

Would I Become Like A Man With All That Heavy Exercise?

Yes, you will have those so-called bigger manly biceps, and that’s nothing to be afraid of. But we do not look like men at any cost. No, we won’t become as aggressive as them because we lack their hormonal cocktail. Moreover, do you prefer being out-of-shape or fat, just because you were afraid that you look more like a man?

And yes, just go out in public and see if men dig you or not? We are sure they will notice you more in this fit avatar than in your fat and sloppy avatar.

All-in-all, you need to understand that these are beautiful fruits of your own labor and pain. So accept it, do not discard it. Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. And this, is beauty, Baby. You need to just understand that. Just have a look in the mirror and tell us how you feel 🙂

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