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CrossFit is a program that is characterized by safe and effective exercises. Individuals today, have begun to turn to this form of workout for a numerous number of reasons ranging from improved health and strength to effective weight loss. The fitness philosophy of this program excels in comparison to the other forms of workout routines as it does not lay focus on just a single aspect of fitness. It is in fact designed as a means to help improve body conditioning, overall fitness, build strength, and increase and individual’s confidence. CrossFit was introduced with a view to condition and strengthen the body with an inclusive and broad, yet general approach to working out. The program helps participants improve overall health and strength, functional movement and athletic performance.

CrossFit 101

Stated below are some of the benefits this constantly-varying-workout can provide:

Improve Cardiovascular And Respiratory Strength

It should come as no surprise that any form of workout is a good workout. Medical professionals all over the world have been encouraging individuals to get off their couches and move more. Not only does CrossFit improve flexibility, reduce mood swings and boost mood, it also increases muscle strength of the heart and facilitates better movement of oxygen in the body, while also moderating and controlling blood pressure.

Improved Performance in Everyday Activities

Studies have suggested the CrossFit exercises boost energy. Regular physical activity can help improve muscle strength and build endurance. CrossFit exercises help deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the body tissues. When this happens, the heart and lung health improves, thereby providing the body with much more energy to tackle daily chores.

CrossFit using equipment

Weight Loss

It is no secret that Cardiovascular exercises and activities such as CrossFit help accelerate the body’s fat burning process, thus resulting in weight loss and muscle gain.

Increased Endurance And Stamina

Stamina” refers to the ability of an individual to push themselves to their maximum potential for a particular span of time. Improving stamina means that an individual is working towards building on the period of time within which the body is able to perform at the peak of its abilities.

Endurance” refers to the increase in the duration of workout without pushing the body to its maximum potential. Strength training activities like CrossFit boost the endurance of an individual’s muscles.

Strength Training

CrossFit is found to be one of the most effective strength building activities. Strength training helps the body build muscle which in turn helps an individual stay strong, not just on the outside but on the inside, too. Improving strength helps an individual battle illnesses such as aches and pains, and frequent colds that they were probably susceptible to in the past.

Improvement Of Athletic Performance

Research has shown that introducing CrossFit into an athlete’s daily routine can help them get better at their sport as it increases in durance and builds strength, helping them perform much better.

Origin Of CrossFit

CrossFit, a unique approach to fitness, was introduced by Greg Glassman in the 90’s. CrossFit, Inc. was then founded in the year 2000. The company describes its program for building strength and body conditioning as a constantly bearing functional movement work out that is executed at a high intensity across modal domains. With a goal to improve fitness, CrossFit gyms around the world use equipment from multiple disciplines.

CrossFit training program

These include dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, rope climbs and jump ropes, rowing machines, and resistance bands, to name a few. CrossFit is referred to as a “deliberate attempt to optimize physical competence in each of the 10 recognized fitness domains.” The workout program has inspired thousands of fitness enthusiast from all over the world. The company, which started its first gym in Santa Cruz, California, has since managed to make its way to various parts of the world.

CrossFit – Is The Program For Everyone?

The workout programs are designed to be practiced universally. The scalable fitness routine can be adapted by the elderly as well as an athlete. The intensity of the program can be scaled depending upon the individual’s needs and capabilities, but the overall workout remains the same almost always.

Main Principles Of CrossFit Workout

The workout can be based on the following simple principles:

Setting goals

While experimenting with any new program for the very first time, it is advised an individual recognize their goals and set them accordingly. These goals should be simple and doable, concrete and measurable, in a way that they can be achieved by them keeping their fitness capacity in mind. An individual is more likely to attain success if they dedicate themselves to one goal at a time.


The next principle to consider while beginning of CrossFit program is the time period for which one plans to work out and what the workout schedule should look like. A common mistake that beginners often tend to make is to push themselves to get to the level where individuals who have been following the program for a very long time are at. Not only is this unrealistic, but also dangerous. Many individuals tend to sustain injuries because they try to push themselves to their limits and then beyond, even when their bodies aren’t ready. The key is to step it up, one step at a time, only when the body feels ready.


Why planning a CrossFit program, one of the most important decisions to be made is the form of exercise movements the body requires depending on the lifestyle, strength and stamina of the person. Once the strengths and weaknesses have been identified, exercises can be chosen accordingly to remedy them.

Energy Systems

The three energy systems, Phosphagen, Glycolytic and Oxidative, must be worked to make an individual a pro at CrossFit programs. However, most of the time, no individual is completely balanced in all the three energy systems. Hence, depending on where they’re lacking, aerobic and anaerobic exercises should be introduced accordingly, in order to help maintain the balance.


Once the type of program has been understood, what must be figured out is how it will progress over time. Generally, the volume of the workout is increased over the second and third week and then dropped back down in the fourth week while increasing the load, then dropping the load during the fifth week while keeping the volume constant over the fourth and fifth week.

Total Body Workout

a total body workoutThe CrossFit training program works the entire body with polymetric and compound exercises that work multiple muscle groups together.


In the audience is an important aspect for work out performance and longevity the tea, and for every day chores. Endurance is especially important for marathon runners and athletes as they need to be able to keep going through extended periods of intense activity. CrossFit workouts are especially designed to improve endurance.

Never A Dull Moment

One of the main reasons the program has garnered so many followers is because it never ceases to be fun. It is challenging, unpredictable and keeps one constantly alert. Thus, it helps eliminate work out boredom and monotony.

Challenging The Body

Just as it never ceases to be fun, CrossFit also challenges the body constantly. With the varied number of workouts and movements to prevent the body from adapting to the same exercise routines, this optimal training method helps brings the best results.

Social Network

One of the best parts about a CrossFit class is that it is a group class where individuals come across several people striving to be better, just like them. This helps them support each other, their goals and aspirations, and motivates them to do better.

What Makes CrossFit Stand Out?

Vigorous Workout

The CrossFit program is almost always a vigorous workout that combines weight training, gymnastics and aerobics, thus facilitating cardio and weight training all at once. The work out successfully reinforces athletic skills and aims at making and keeping individuals happy, healthy and strong. It improves performance and increase his endurance, boosting mode and reducing stress.

An Intense Workout

All CrossFit programs are designed to be performed at a fast pace. It might not be a lengthy work out, but it includes a variety of very intense and constant movements. The aim here is to keep repeating the movements while sticking to a particular time limit.

Effort Is Essential

While CrossFit workouts are intense, individuals are required to put a lot of effort into performing them perfectly. The workouts are so specific that it is important to push the body to its maximum potential in order to achieve their goals sooner.

Stated below is a video that you might find helpful if you have just begun to take your first steps towards CrossFit 🙂

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