Office Zumba BKC
Corporate Zumba April 19, 2019

When we launched Wellintra in the year 2014 as a company that provides fitness trainers to individuals for personal training, we had no idea of the phrase, ‘Corporate Wellness’ and what it meant! Our aim was to only cater to hardcore fitness enthusiasts, athletes and people who were short of time but want to keep fit at their home gyms or apartment / community yoga studios. We used to be ‘fitness snobs’ preferring only to work with the motivated ones for whom ‘fitness’ was an integral part of their lives. Little did we realise that there was a vast population of regular folks for whom fitness was not a way of life and who badly needed some sort of fitness ritual integrated into their working days because otherwise due to their punishing schedules they wouldnt have time to devote any time to their health. Slowly but surely we made baby steps in the world of ‘corporate wellness’ as they say by organising yoga, dance fitness and other fitness programs at various companies eventually becoming an integral player in the corporate wellness domain offering a vast suite of services to fit every goal and budget for companies that want to improve the health of their employees.

Our goal is not just to run in-office wellness services or camps at companies but to also empower employees to understand the various disciplines of fitness so that they can continue to engage in physical activity at the workplace and beyond. Our wellness activities at work help better corporate performance and help create a more conducive environment for productivity and happily-engaged employees. Our corporate wellness programs work on 3 areas:


We all know that healthier employees improve your bottom line. Even a modest once-a-week yoga or meditation program inititiated at a company shows employees that the management cares about their health and well being. Some companies of course offer a lot more than that by offering free in-house gym and fitness programs and workshops. Though a full-fledged designation as ‘Wellness Director’ in Indian companies is rare, more and more companies are appointing ‘Wellness champs’ or other advocates for whom organising wellness is a major part of their work profile. Companies who offer fun / fitness wellness programs represent what they stand for culturally which in turn helps lower recruiting costs.


Companies that are keen on helping employees reduce stress are well advised to start with meditation programs. Our ‘Mindfullness at Work” meditation programs consisting of ten 45 min. sessions are taught by our highly trained meditation experts and are matched to a company’s culture and goals. Our meditation programs are non-religious activities and do not involve any chanting of mantras but rather are focussed more on breath and thought awareness and can be praticed by people of all faiths and creeds.


A lot of other programs that we run offer value-added skills and activities that contribute to the overall knowledge and experience of employees. Programs such as Work Safety, Diet & Nutrition Workshops, Tobacco Cessation Drives, Substance Abuse Workshops, Self Defence Workshops etc. contribute to the safety and awareness of an employee ultimately contributing to the company’s bottom line.

At Sterlite Power’s HQ at BKC, we have recently started conducting Zumba® sessions in the evenings. Our popular Zumba instructor Ana leads the employees through a fun-filled and energetic dance fitness sessions as demonstrated by the pictures below.

Corporate Wellness Sessions BKC
ZIN Ana Works up the Employees!
Corporate Wellness Sessions BKC
Doing the Balle-Zumba!
Corporate Wellness Sessions BKC
Zumba Instructor Ana at the Lead
ZIN Instructors Mumbai
Gorilla Dance Minus the Suit!
Raising up the Fun Factor
This is how you lose weight!
Scream and Shout!
Scream and Shout!
Scream and Shout!
Getting jiggy with it
Squatting & Dance at the Same time!
Squat Dancing
Squatting & Dance at the Same time!
No I don’t do personal training in Zumba!
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