Benefits of Employee Wellness
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Employees are so busy meeting deadlines and balancing work and home, that they forget to include health to their list of priorities. With working round the clock, showing up to work early, and clocking in a certain number of hours every week, employees have begun to experience the burnout.

Erratic sleep and work schedules are leading to an increase in stress levels which is, in turn, leading to unhealthy habits, such as irregular eating patterns and  excessive use of tobacco and alcohol, in an attempt to temporarily calm the mind and body. What we don’t realize is the aftermath of this process; and trust me, you do not want to experience it! While unending work schedules and deadlines cannot be avoided, the least we can do is, give health and wellness some priority, the way we do our work and families.

What is Corporate Wellness?

With day-to-day expenses ranging from A-Z, a reduction in work hours is not an option for most. So, what’s the solution to this chain reaction that is causing havoc in our lives, with respect to our health?

corporate wellness programs mumbaiCorporate wellness is a program designed to help employees, especially those who cannot spare time for exercise. courtesy work and busy schedules, gain knowledge on health and fitness. The program focuses on reducing health risks through exercise, encouraging a healthy work environment, where employees can befriend and motivate one another to maintain healthy eating habits and stay active.

At Wellintra, we offer a wellness program that aims at helping our clients embrace, and enjoy their road to wellness. The program encourages employees to review their priorities, mental and physical health being one of them. Our trainers motivate the employees to improve their fitness levels, work towards improving their strength and energy levels, thus improving their performance at work.

Benefits of a Corporate Wellness Program

Improves Health, Behavior and Work satisfaction

A wellness program facilitates behavioral changes. It is said to have helped people adopt and display better health and calmer behavior, which has shown a reduction in the risk of chronic health illnesses.
Many studies have shown that employees who added light fitness exercises to their daily routine followed healthier diets, consumed lesser levels of alcohol l, showed responsible behavior towards themselves and their workers, and also, managed work related stress in a healthier way. Corporate wellness programs are also to improve cardiovascular health and overall lifestyle.

Reduces Health Risks

Workplace wellness programs have been shown to reduce health risks caused by an unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits. High blood glucose levels, high cholesterol, a higher risk of diabetes and weight gain, were seen reducing as employees began participating in wellness programs arranged by their employers for them. Many employees reported a reduction in back pain and sprains from having to be seated most of the day.

wellness programs and employee satisfactionWellness Programs Improve Employee Retention at Work

A rich employment package coupled with healthy benefits and wellness programs at work, are known to be more attractive for employees looking for jobs. Retention of employees is the ability of the company to keep their employees from leaving their company. If employees feel like they have the much-needed job satisfaction, they will have no reason to part ways with the company.

Boosts Employee Morale

Once employees begin to participate in group programs at work, they begin to engage in conversation with one another, communicate more effectively, feel a sense of value and appreciation. Corporate wellness programs help change the workplace culture and give rise to a friendlier and less-stressful vibe. Employees who are healthy and happy tend to show up to work on time.

Encourages Employees to Unwind

Repetitive schedules, never-ending work load, deadlines, early mornings and late nights can sometimes get draining and monotonous. Workplace wellness programs help employees feel content with work and motivate them to perform better.

Leads to an Increase in Productivity

Long working hours and lesser sleep have been causing employees to feel perennially tired. Working to get results and constantly staring at the desktop screens causes employees to sometimes feel burned out to the extent of poor performance at work. A decrease in productivity means they have to put in more time and excite to meet deadlines. This vicious circle doesn’t seem to end. Hence, the initiative of corporate wellness for employees has been accepted by many workplaces to help their employees be more productive and deal with work pressures better.

Decreases Absenteeism

Corporate wellness boosts employees’ health, thus leading to a reduction in absenteeism at work due to reduction in stress levels, reduction in high blood pressure, cholesterol and obesity.

Why workplaces should offer Corporate Wellness Programs

workplace corporate wellness programsWhen workplaces include wellness programs as part of the company schedule, employees get a feeling of belonging. It convinces them that the company they devote innumerable hours of work to, genuinely appreciates their work and presence. Research has shown that individuals gain a higher morale when they are given some amount of flexibility, and are encouraged to put forth their creative side, develop problem solving strategies, and when they are made to feel like they belong.

Employees are more likely to stay when they feel a sense of appreciation and have a sense of control over their work life, health, and family life. A successful wellness plan accommodates all their needs, health requirements, emotional and social needs.
This leads to higher productivity, exceptional customer service and unlimited creativity at the workplace.

Low health risks are a sign of good health and corporate wellness is a successful way to achieve those goals. Hence, we at Wellintra, came up with a corporate wellness program built especially for those who can’t seem to catch a break from their physically and mentally taxing schedules. Our program is led by dedicated trainers who believe in spreading joy and awareness among employees by educating them about the good, and harmful habits. Our trainers visit corporate companies to rejuvenate and revitalize the employees at work, by hosting a session with a blend of stretches and movements that help calm the mind so they have a positive and energetic atmosphere at work.

The previous corporate wellness programs held by Wellintra have been greatly appreciated by the owners and employees alike. Participants reported feeling energized with a sense of happiness, and were seen leaving the workplace smiling and conversing with each other. Days like these are the reason we, at Wellintra, do what we do. We are dedicated to helping people commence, continue and evolve on their journey to fitness and wellness with motivation, positivity and a sense of achievement.

Our corporate yoga instructor Devanshi is seen conducting wellness sessions at We Work, Mumbai in the main pic above. Watch more pictures of Devanshi conducting sessions. Click on the links below –

Wellness at We Work India

Yoga at Shubhada Polymers

Call us if you’d like Devanshi to come down and conduct wellness sessions at your company!

Read more about our Corporate Wellness offerings here – Corporate Wellness at Work.

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