Yoga workshops on Yoga Day India
Corporate Yoga June 30, 2018

As one of the leading Wellness and fitness service providers in the Corporate Wellness space, we at Wellintra conducted a large number of yoga workshops on the eve of International Yoga Day 2018. We believe that conducting regular Yoga Sessions at the workplace can improve an organisation’s performance and have a positive impact on the lives of the employees. NCD’s (Non-communicable diseases) are on the rise in India’s workforce but the good news is that NCD’s are preventable as the main underlying causes are lifestyle-related, environmental and behavioural factors that can always be modified.

HR Departments in most companies now focus on the workplace for preventing NCD’s especially amongst their young junior and mid level professionals who face the burden of work pressure the most. The economic benefits of prevening NCD’s are big and more than justify the expenses incurred in running wellness programs. Reduced absenteeism, reduced injuries, less employee turnover, increased productivity and profits, better work satisfaction, improved morale and increased attraction of talented employees to the company. At Wellintra, we believe that workplace wellness is also supported by the ethics of corporate responsibility apart from the rationality of corporate profitability.

Barriers for Workplace Wellness

As with all things, implementing a program for workplace wellness can face many challenges. Various factors must be concerned by the HR team before designing and implementing workplace wellness programs. While facing hurdles, one must remember that hurdles and barriers transform over time into opportunities for change and transformation. We believe from our own experience that an employee wellness program must follow a “strategy for success”. There are four main elements that should be incorporated into a wellness program in a coordinated fashion:

1. Leadership

2. People

3. Culture

4. Process

Only when the HR team addresses the above points in a well thought out and comprehensive manner can an employee wellness program be successful! Have a look at photos from a couple of yoga workshops we conducted amongst many others at Reliance Brands and Boston Consulting Group.

Yoga Session at BCG

Yoga instructor Mrinalinee led a small group of employees at this consulting firm’s Mumbai office through a yoga and relaxation session.

Employees doing yoga
Shoulder Stretches Using the Chair as Prop
Employee yoga at company
Yoga at Company India
Loosening up the sockets
Yoga in Corporate Company
Stretching the shoulders
Yoga teachers training corporates
Hands Up
Yoga at Boston Consulting Group
Yoga Instructor Mrinalinee
Yoga Training at Company
Mrinalinee Gives a Demo
Yoga sessions at office
Excellent for Lower Back Pain
Yoga Sessions Corporate Company
Neck Exercises
Female Yoga Teacher
Hip Openers
Yoga Boston Consulting Group Mumbai
A Breather!
Best Yoga Teachers Mumbai
Namaste and keep doing yoga!

Yoga Trainers Sanchita & Priyanka at Reliance Brands, Mumbai

Office Yoga at corporate offices
Laughter Yoga
Best Office Yoga Instructors
What’s Happening in the Boss’s Cabin?!
Corporate Yoga Session at Reliance
Trainer Neelam gives directions
Desktop Office Yoga Companies
Stay Away!
Employees do Yoga at Reliance
A Moment of Tranquility
Office Employees Doing Yoga
Mind your head!
Office Yoga at Chairs Desktops
Hail Desktop Yoga!
Reliance Brands
A time for Reflection & Gratitude
Yoga Instructor Sanchita
Yoga Instructor Sanchita Gets into Position
Yoga Trainer Neelam
Neelam Addresses the Crowd
Desktop Yoga Wellness at Companies
The Dream Team!
Top Office Yoga Companies
Relax those Tired Eyes
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