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Yoga November 5, 2015

Women go through changes all the time and we must recognize that, these are just temporary factors in the flux called life. And we also have to face challenges with our bodies sometimes. The symptoms of PMS are unhappiness, irritation and undue tension all of which seem unviable mostly. Physically, women tend to bloat, tenderness in the body and sudden acne, which can add to the increased stress levels which are caused by hormonal changes. Remember to cut down alcohol intake as well as reduce salt consumption. Don’t forget to have to daily dose of vitamin D, and get some sunshine between 8-10 in the morning or 2-4 in the afternoon to feel more relaxed and energetic.

This is also the best time as well to practice yoga to resolve these symptoms. A little Yoga won’t hurt. In fact it will do wonders for you emotionally, as well as take care of your body. If you are doing yoga avoid straining or compressing your abdomen or any forward bending postures. Splash some evening Primrose oil on your body and you will be feeling relaxed so you can begin to do some yoga with your mind at ease.

Part 1 of Focussed Breathing

Sit comfortably; place your palms on your thighs, palms facing up or down. Lengthen your spine, sit up straight and chin parallel to the floor and make sure your whole body is completely relaxed. Observe the natural flow of your breath, just as it is. After a few moments of watching the breath, begin by controlling the inhalation making the breath equal in time, firstly, then consciously make your breath stronger and prolong each breath, stretching it softly, with total complete control and relaxation. Just focus on the breath – taking control of it, steadily breathing in and out. Inhale and exhale deeply, pausing after both the inhalation and exhalation, while opening your chest and lungs. Fill your body with this energy of vitality.

Observe that the body is expanding and contracting. Gentle fusion of body, mind and breath, thus creating a quiet and tranquil attitude. If your mind wanders, bring it back to the breath and do 25 rounds of this in all. When you are done, avoid moving around and sit very still – relaxing and enjoying this space that you have just created within. All aspects of your life are going to benefit from breathing practices.

Part 2 of Focused Breathing

Draw your belly in on the exhale and relax the stomach when you inhale. Keep your chest very still and repeat 20 – 30 times. This should help you relax. Lets move on to an asana that will help you feel balanced and rejuvenated.

The Cat Pose

Yoga cat poseGet onto all fours, knees apart directly under your hips and palms placed evenly on the floor under your shoulders. Breathing in and arching back, looking upwards, stretch your abdomen all the way to your neck, like a cat stretching. Exhaling, arching the opposite way like an angry cat, tuck your chin into your chest, breathe out fully, suspending the breath. Repeat 10 times, inhaling looking up and bringing the abdomen downwards and exhaling pulling the abdomen away from the floor, arching upward. Now sit back on your haunches resting your buttocks on your heels and relax in Vajrasana or the Thunderbolt pose. Keeping your knees together, making a cradle with your feet, big toes touching. Place your palms on your thighs, face down. Close your eyes and breathe normally.

The Bow Pose

Yoga Bow PoseIn this pose, slowly release the thunderbolt pose and push the body forward and off your haunches, place your palms on the mat and lay down on your belly. Next bend your legs at the knees and taking your hands behind you clasps your ankles, firmly, for head on the floor. Now breathe in, lift your head, chest and torso off the floor, the navel resting on the floor. Pull your legs toward your body and off the floor, creating an archers bow. Grabbing your ankles, lift your knees off the floor and try to bring your feet towards you. Hold tightly and look up, pulling your legs as close to you as you can bring your knees together all the while. After 10 counts, upon exhalation let go of your legs very gently and return back to the supine position on your stomach. Repeat thrice. Then relax on your back before resuming normal activity.

Hope you enjoyed our mini practice session. Until, next time stay healthy and stay fit. And should you need a personal yoga trainer do not hesitate to call us and I will land at your doorstep taking you through some marvelous yoga sessions!

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