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Kickboxing August 17, 2015

Kickboxing is a hybrid sport that has a combination of hand techniques of American Boxing, the thunderous power-kicks of Karate, the knee strikes and leg sweeps of Thai Boxing and the high speed kicks of Tae kwon do. In today’s world, Kickboxing has evolved to be taught like a sport rather than as a traditional form of Martial Art. Do remember that the roots of Kickboxing comes from Ancient Asian Wisdom.

Kickboxing is becoming very popular with Indians who are looking for more variety in their fitness programs. It combines a great workout along with defense skills that is always intense and where learning is always ongoing.

Is Kickboxing Training Right For Me

Read some testimonies below from some of our clients who share their reasons for taking up kickboxing training and see if you can fit in:

The 45 Year old Police Officer: I have been in Mumbai Police for over 15 years and found that Kickboxing training has made me more confident about my physical abilities to deal with the pressures of my job. The workout acts as a mental release from the stress that is a part of our job.

The Corporate Exec: I get very little time to work out. I really cant spend hours pumping iron at the gym and also do cardio. Kickboxing gives me a combination of both! I take out three hours a week usually after work. I can get in and out of the workout and know that I challenged myself to the limits with my Kickboxing trainer. Also I get to release the stress and frustrations of a typical work day by beating up on the bags. Best of all I can even take my workouts on the road when I am traveling.

The 20 year Old College Student: I was really chubby as a teenager. I managed to lose weight and now I am really scared of putting on weight again. Being a very hyperactive person, Kickboxing is the best workout for me because it makes me concentrate and helps me maintain my weight.

The Mother: I am always on the move running from malls to shops to picking up this kid and that one etc. I really needed to do something for myself. So I decided to take one-on-one kickboxing classes for the whole family about 3 months ago and I think it’s the best decision I have ever made for myself. We are a family that manages time very well and we try to squeeze in as many fitness activities as possible into our daily lives. With a trainer coming to train us, the whole family can now work out together!

Mom 2: After delivering my baby, I had a tough time losing weight. A friend of mine suggested that I try kickboxing. I have never really enjoyed other forms of fitness activities but I really enjoy kickboxing.

Mom 3: My teenage son was training in Martial Arts since he was five years old. But he always would stop and then restart until he started kickboxing. He has really stuck to kickboxing since the past two years and loves it. It’s something that restless teenagers take to very easily.

The 60 year old Lady: Kickboxing keeps me on my toes and my body flexible. My arthritis also does not hurt me so much now. Though I know I am not cured, I enjoy the fact that the pain has reduced. Plus at my age I am challenging my mind and my body to perform things that I have never attempted before. Back in my day, women like me rarely exercised. Times have changed and how. Also, age is no longer a pre requisite to remaining fit.

The 39 Year Old Lawyer: As a former state level swimmer, in the past years I really missed the thrill of hard competitive swimming. Altough I am not a competitive athlete anymore, I really enjoy the tough workout sessions of a typical kickboxing class.

Clearly as you can see from the testimonials above, Kickboxing means a lot of things to a lot of people. Mainly because kickboxing works hand in glove (pun intended) with your real life routines. So if you have decided on investing money and time into a sport, why not learn something that enhances every aspect of your life?

If you’d like to learn Kickboxing Give Us a Call on 98206 07875 asap!

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  1. by Nivedita tanwar November 30, 2016 6:57 am

    Need kick boxing personal trainer for 3 weeks starting 15th Dec to 9th jan willing to train at home . I live at 7 bungalows juhu versova link rd andheri west

  2. by Almas yusuf soorya January 15, 2020 9:09 am

    Wanted a kickboxing ladies trainer

    • by Atin Dasgupta January 24, 2020 11:01 am

      Hi Almas, Please call us or whatsapp / email us your requirements in detail.

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