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Yoga April 22, 2016
For those who are doing yoga for the first time, it is important for you to receive some background information on how to prepare for practice to derive the maximum benefit.
And if you have been practising yoga regularly before getting pregnant, it is a good idea to go back to the basics in order to ensure that you haven’t incorporated bad habits in your practice. This is where a personal yoga trainer can help not only a beginner but also a mid level or advanced yoga practitioner to get back to the basics and start with a fresh slate.

Time to Practise Yoga

When you practise yoga, always choose times that suit your schedule and ensure that your practise sessions blends with your daily schedule. This way, the practise of yoga can become more enjoyable and easy for you and help you to continue with your practise into the final months of your expectancy period. The most ideal situation for pre natal yoga practise is consistent practise at a fixed pre-decided timings such as say – three times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 8 am. This way both yours and your personal trainer’s schedule can be set in advance. The more regular you are and the more your body gets programmed through the yoga exercises and techniques prescribed by your personal trainer, the more positively your body will respond.

Place to Practise Yoga

Choose a private space to practise yoga that is clean, uncluttered by furniture, well ventilated and with a cool temperature so that you feel comfortable. Avoid practising in very hot or humid surroundings. Try and ensure that the space where you practise yoga in has enough lighting and has a sturdy wall nearby for support. The space should be enough for you to accomodate your yoga mat and any other props that you or your personal trainer might want to use.

Good Practices

Before beginning a yoga session, put your phone on silent mode or airplane mode. Let your friends and family know better not to bother you during your yoga time. If you like music, play something calm and soothing. Always spend some time in silence at the end of a session whereby you can connect fully with your mind.

Ideal Clothing

Wear loose and comfortable clothing that allows for free and easy movement. Supportive tops and vests will help to keep your expanding bust in check. Remove all eyeglasses, jewelry and watches. Also remove socks so that your feet can grip your yoga mat well in order to maintain stability.

Food Ingestion

You need to stay well hydrated before, after and during any exercise. It is ideal to practise yoga on an empty stomach but eating something that is light and easy-to-digest half an hour before your session is a good idea as this can keep your blood sugar levels high and also prevent nausea. We can suggest fruits like bananas, some dried fruits, a slice of buttered toast or a cup of herbal tea. Pre natal yoga practise should always be supplemented with a healthy diet.


Prenatal yoga specialistsMansi Shah is a maternity and prenatal and postnatal expert who offers a holistic approach with physical and psychological requirements of a birthing mother. Mansi believes in preparing the mother for a natural birth by empowering her to be in-charge of her own body and birth. Mansi applies calming and relaxation techniques apart from exercises not only for labor and birth but also for the prenatal period allowing the parents to bond with the child before its birth. You can attend Mansi’s prenatal sessions in Juhu and Andheri West at Wellintra’s Fitness & Nutrition Centres or call her to your home for personal training sessions (in Mumbai only). Call on 98206 07875 for more information.

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