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Tips For Personal Trainers August 4, 2015

Personal Training is all about Passion! Passion and love for helping others improve their health internally and externally is what makes the difference between successful personal trainers and those who are just getting by! A lot of people who want to become personal trainers assume that their main goal will be to help their clients reach challenging performance goals or to become lean or to get ripped or to become super-flexible. Well, truth of the matter is that some clients do want all that. But the majority of people who want to hire a personal trainer do not have those goals in mind at all. Most people who want to hire the services of a personal trainer are not athletes or athletes in the making and they are not striving for model-like bodies. They want to work out to be healthier, to be able to manage their stress, to lose weight and to pack some strength and improve flexibility. Most people want to work out to be able to prolong their youthful appearance and delay the onset of aging and other chronic health conditions. Also did I forget to mention, most of our clients also want to have fun while they are doing all this!

Most people also have a very vague idea of what their fitness goals are. If you are someone who wants to hire a trainer to improve your health then ask yourself what your goals are?! Pretty much blank right? Over a period of time, we have come to the realization that most people are not as motivated to train as we would like them to be! Most months they are often on the edge of deciding whether to quit or not. The fact that they could be meeting their fitness goals and that they have the best trainer that their money can afford is irrelevant. Which is why we ask all trainers who walk in through our door – Are you passionate about personal training? Because no matter how well qualified you are and no matter how effective your programs are and no matter how experienced you are – everything pales in comparison to the trainer’s ability to make his / her client want to stick to training! And that means infusing passion and inspiring your clients every single day! The passion is what sets our trainers apart.

It is a known fact that the trainers and coaches who produce great record-smashing athletes are not the ones who have the best teaching skills but rather they are the best at instilling passion in the children. Make the kid love the game and everything else follows! The same principle applies to adults when it comes to personal training and sticking to a schedule and program. We believe that the primary job of the trainer is to ensure that the client is excited about working out and and have him / her love every workout and look forward to the same every session. I also believe that Passion as our main ingredient for success, we are not in the Fitness business but in the ‘Customer Service Business’. The best fitness program is the one that will work for each client and the one that will make clients feel great about coming back!

Tip Of The Day

Think back about the past to the time when you felt that fitness must become a part of your life and work towards instilling that same passion and feeling in each and every one of your clients. That is how your clients will stay with you. When it comes to retaining a client, passion is more powerful than all the scientific know-how in the world.

Tuning Into Passion

All Personal Trainers who are employed by us are asked:

1. What was your inititial motivation for working out?

2. How did you start to get into fitness? Did you go to a gym or Yoga Class? If so, describe your initial gym or yoga class in detail.

3. What kept you going?

4. What obstacles did you face in terms of sticking to fitness? How did you overcome them?

5. When was the first time that someone observed the changes in your body? What kind of comments did you receive? How did that make you feel?

6. When was the first time that you decided to help someone else train better with your fitness advice?

7. Did your motivation for working out change over time?

8. Why do you want to become a personal trainer?

9. What kind of hurdles did you face in order to become a personal trainer. How did you overcome them?

10. How do you maintain your passion for health and fitness today?


We are not associated with nor do we have any financial interest in any certifying body in India. So what follows here is our unbiased opinion. Everyone knows that certifying trainers is a highly lucrative business in India and all around the world. We insist that all our trainers are certified for the simple reason that certification from a reputed institute or body enables a trainer to understand the science and art of training another person. Being certified also means that a trainer is committed to a long term career in personal training and did not just wake up one fine day and decided that he / she wants to be a personal trainer! For serious personal trainers, certification and skill development is an ongoing process. Different personal training certifications require different levels of background knowledge and study. Typically the more difficult the certification is to achieve, the more respected it is throughout the industry.

3 Tips For Success in The Personal Training Industry

Find Your Niche

Don’t be a Jack Of All Trades. Be a master of One! Zone in on the fitness form that is closest to your heart and concentrate on the audience that will most benefit from what you have to offer. Sometimes the fitness form will find you! So be open and receptive.

Be True to Yourself

You are a unique individual and trying to be someone else is hopeless and is doomed to failure. Being authentic will always be cool and this in turn will let you find the clients that you want.

Live Your Passion

If you wake up every day pumped up about what you are doing, you will work hard and contribute positively to your clients which in turn will help you bag more clients through referrals and word of mouth.

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