Corporate Yoga, Employee Wellness March 15, 2019

Its a well documented fact that chronic lifestyle conditions can exact a heavy toll on the bottom lines of businesses. It makes sense then that the business benefits of addressing wellness are substantial. In India many companies are now responding to the growing costs of lifestyle ailments and are now incorporating wellness initiatives into their workplaces. Most forward thinking companies see ‘Employee Wellness’ as an opportunity to increase productivity and lower healthcare costs.

Wellness at We Work

We Work is one of the world’s most popular co-working companies and also happen to have one of the coolest work cultures. Having started operations in most of the metro cities in India, they are setting up their offices all over the country at a scorching pace. One of the most evident features of their workspaces are the different workshops that happen at their spaces on a regular. Wellness is an integral part of their work culture. We Work has tied up with Wellintra for all their fitness and wellness activities at their Mumbai offices. With some of the best fitness trainers working with us, We Work found in us an able partner for wellness. Have a look at some pictures of some of the sessions we have been conducting for We Work.

Yoga @ We Work

Our ace yoga instructor Devanshi conducting the yoga session. See Devanshi’s detailed profile here – Devanshi

Fitness at We Work
Yoga Trainer Devanshi
Yoga at We Work
Starting with some back bends
yoga at workplaces India
Loosening the shoulder joints
Wellness Sessions We Work
Devanshi at Work
We Work yoga sessions
We Work at doing Yoga!
Yoga at We Work India Mumbai
Opening up the Hips
Yoga Instructor Devanshi conducting classes
End with a calming session

Zumba Sessions @ We Work

One of our most popular Zumba instructors Ankita burning some serious calories! See Ankita’s detailed profile here – Ankita

Zumba at We Work
Zumba Instructor Ankita
We Work Zumba Mumbai
Ankita strikes a pose
Zumba at We Work Malad
Ankita ramps it up
Zumba Sessions Female Employees
Ankita Mixes it Up
Zumba at We Work
Back to the Crowd
Zumba Sessions at Companies
Zumba is Great for Weight Loss
We Work Wellness
Grooving to the Rhythm
Top Zumba Instructors India
Zumba can be exhilarating!

Kickboxing @ We Work

Mumbai’s best female MMA and kickboxing coach putting everyone on the defensive foot! See Samata’s detailed profile here – Samata

Kickboxing Classes We Work
MMA trainer Samata
Learning Stances
Kickboxing Wellness Session at Companies
Wellness Session At We Work India Office
Kickboxing Mixed Martial Arts at Offices
Kick First Punch Later!
Wellness Sessions in Companies
Everyone gets a turn
Corporate Kickboxing Classes
Gentle yet powerful
We work wellness wednesdays
Samata is a Pro Boxing coach

Tai Chi @ We Work

Tai Chi instructor Kavita conducting a relaxing Tai Chi session. See Kavita’s detailed profile here – Kavita

Tai Chi Sessions at Corporates
Tai Chi Trainer Kavita
Tai Chi Wellness Sessions
Kavita gets the Chi flowing
Tai chi for corporates
Tai Chi’s Flowing Movements
Best Tai Chi Trainers Mumbai
Follow the Teacher
We Work Oberoi Commerz 2
Tai Chi Builds Strength & Flexibility
Tai Chi Sessions for Employees
View from the Outside
Atin is the founder of Wellintra Fitness.
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