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Age: Forties
Experience: 10 + years
Specialization: Tai Chi

Kavita is an experienced and dedicated Tai Chi & Kickboxing Instructor based in Powai, Mumbai. Tai Chi is becoming one of the most popular forms of fitness activity in India. According to Kavita, Tai Chi is not just about fitness but a special way of perceiving life. Tai Chi can be a path of inspiration and a guide towards relaxation and health. Kavita believes that daily practice of Tai Chi can not only improve one's sense of well being and help you deal with the stresses of modern life but also release high amounts of creativity within oneself so that it can help you stay optimistic and alert in life whatever be your age or gender.

Training Experience

What are Kavita's qualifications?

Kavita is certified in kickboxing from the Maharashtra Amateur & Professional Kickboxing Association. She was trained at Dynamic Martial Arts Training Academy by Sifu Magar for Tai chi in Qi Gong - Individual Exercises for health including Ba Duan Jin ( 8 silk brocades) and Shibashi ( 18 movements). She has also undergone training with SSY (Siddha Samadhi Yoga) for Pranayam and Therapeutic Yoga.

What is Kavita's teaching style?

Kavita's teaching style is a vigorous yet delicious mix of Prana flow, Tai Chi, Asanas and meditation which she calls - Tai Chi yoga. She also teaches prenatal yoga, postnatal yoga, mother and toddler yoga and Therapeutic yoga.

Is Kavita available for personal training?

Yes. Kavita is available for personal training for Tai Chi & kickboxing in the Powai area of Mumbai.


Tai Chi
Prenatal Yoga
Functional Fitness
Self Defense

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