Many Benefits of Exercise
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The benefits of physical exercise have been proved repeatedly for decades now. The human body is meant to be physically active to keep physical illnesses and mental turmoil at bay.

However, owing to the pandemic, most of the population has been forced to adopt a sedentary lifestyle. One lockdown after another has led to an unwanted work-from-home culture which has resulted in longer working hours and lesser time for physical activity and mental wellness. While most of the population is well-aware of the benefits of exercise, a few of us are still averse to the idea of “working out”, which is why Wellintra has brought to you an article that helps you understand the value of physical exercise.

why physical exercise is important

Exercise is any activity that involves physical exertion in variable intensities. Why? Because it helps you maintain a certain level of fitness. For attaining and maintaining a healthy body, various fitness experts have created different types of exercises to challenge the human body in various ways.

So, are there quick and easy ways to attain your fitness goals? Well, easy, yes, but quick, no. Long term success requires consistency and what comes easy, seldom lasts. Keeping the above in mind, Wellintra Fitness decided to bring forth to you a few strategies to achieve your long-term health and fitness goals.

A route to optimal health

During the olden days, people ran their daily errands manually. A considerable amount of physical work was involved for every task that had to be carried out . The physical nature of their routine lives nullified their need to exercise. However, in the current day and age, we have the convenience of technology that has led people to adopt a comparatively sedentary lifestyle. As a result, health issues are rapidly on the rise, Hence, it is imperative that one adopt an optimally healthy lifestyle.

What we need to do:

Listed below are the three different types of exercises that can help us achieve a healthy, balanced body:

  • Cardiovascular exercises for heart health
  • Strength and endurance exercises for muscle efficiency
  • Flexibility exercises for the mobility of the joints and muscles.

health benefits of working out

But you don’t need to spend hours working out in a gym or jogging on a treadmill. Keeping all sorts of bodies and fitness levels in mind, we will suggest you an array of exercises ranging from gentle walks, rejuvenating swims, nourishing stretches, and relaxing yoga postures to invigorating cycles, challenging runs, energizing dance steps, strengthening resistance exercises, and strong Pilates moves.

Do we have your attention? Now that we have you glued to your screen (hopefully), here are some fantastic workout suggestions that we hope you can benefit from:

The Options:

A range of the most popular and effective forms of exercise include walking, running, cycling, swimming, and aerobics(cardio), resistance exercises like stretching, Pilates, and yoga (for strength and flexibility).

Racquet sports, ball games, martial arts, or water sports, complement the above exercises.  The key to fitness is finding activities that are not just fun, but are more likely to help you achieve the desired fitness results.

A few other suggestions for getting the maximum results out of your fitness activities:

  • Choose walking or cycling over driving
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  • While performing daily tasks such as cleaning, gardening, or even sitting, focus your attention on the posture and alignment of your body. Good ergonomics ensures the body does not experience pain post a workout.

Which exercises should one choose on a regular day?

  • Gentle stretches while laying on the bed or couch
  • Eat whole grain cereal and fruits for breakfast. Have some homemade soup or salad for lunch
  • After lunch and dinner, you need a brief walk
  • Stretching sessions while taking breaks from work
  • Include nuts and seeds in your snacks
  • Drink water and herbal tea as refreshment
  • Use rice, fresh vegetables, and fish for dinner
  • An intense sculpting workout session
  • Involve yourself in any active household chores during the evening
  • When you call it a day, you should have pre-bed relaxation time, whether it’s a hot bath or reading an inspirational book which has positivity in it, and nothing stressful.

yoga for health and weight loss

The more aware you are of your desire for health and fitness, the more healthy choices you will automatically make—in terms of both exercise and nutrition. Soon, taking the healthy option will become a way of life. As you start to see positive results, you’ll also be motivated to choose the healthier options.

Why should we exercise at all?

Exercise is good for us, both physically and mentally. There are many specific ways in which exercise can enhance your daily life routine improving your inner and outer wellness of the body.

The feel-good factor

A regular exercise regime in your daily routine gets your heart pumping.  As a result, your lungs work harder. This subsequently, improves your joints and muscles movements. This not only boosts the efficiency of all your body’s systems, but also makes you feel more active.

Restoring balance in ultra-busy lifestyles

We constantly have to multitask to cope with our daily schedule of tasks. Due to this, we are under excessive stress all the time. This can lead to our bodies being pressurized, with rising levels of adrenaline and other hormones. This causes extensive damage to all parts of the body.

So our nervous system investigates the problem and signals body to take a break from the rigorous schedule.  A gentle walk or a relaxing yoga session restores your body to a calm and healthy state.

What if you don’t like going to the gym? Dance is another great exercising option. It helps in bringing down the heart rate, faster breathing, and enhances slower digestion. If not taken care of, this stress can lead to exhaustion and burnout.

Regular exercise can help to rebalance your total body system.

Training your brain through exercise

Regular exercise can boost your brain’s performance as well. A balanced heart pumps harder, which subsequently, boosts your circulation. This, in turn, increases blood flow to your brain as well as to your muscles and other tissues around the body. As a result, your mind is sharp and fresh. So you are extremely alert all the time and your response time is quicker. You also feel refreshed even after a long session of work.

Getting your “happy groove” on

Research has proven that exercise releases endorphins and other “happy hormones” in the body. As a result of the secretion of these endorphins and happy hormones, your mind is in a state of well-being and vibrancy. This, in turn, is likely to push the body wanting to exercise even more. A cycle of positive action has been initiated.

Weight loss is also a key motivating factor for many people who want to exercise. But exercising regularly is not the only thing which helps to control weight. What you eat is also important for your fitness.

Laying down a routine and sticking to it, being mindful about your eating habits, health and well-being, will automatically set the groove for a healthier lifestyle which, over the last few years has gone for a toss courtesy the pandemic and work-from-home culture.

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