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Workout August 19, 2022

Cardio training should form the crux of your workout regime as it helps to burn the most calories. If you want to slim down and tone up into better shape. Yes, just doing cardio can get monotonous and mundane – therefore we have specially curated these tailormade workouts for you with which you get to choose from based on your preference and the intensity that would suit you.

The choice is yours. All you need is to decide:

  • The length of each workout – 20, 30 or 60 minutes. Choose which cardio activities you look forward to – you could stick to one or mix up the routines.
  • Gentle, moderate or intense. Choose an intensity level that matches your fitness needs as well as find an activity you can stick to.
  • And last but most important – Do not give up! When the going gets tough the tough truly get going!

Walking workouts

If you have chosen walking as your workout regime, be rest assured it is one of the most effective as well as the best scientifically proven workouts that one can do. Walking can be outdoors or indoors on a treadmill – just make sure to time yourself.

Woman Walking

Firstly, you choose your intensity level from GENTLE MODERATE or INTENSE. Then choose how much time you can devote to walking as an activity. Consistency is the key here. At a gentle pace you can listen to music and walk at a steady pace for the time chosen. At the moderate level you walk at a brisk pace for 4 minutes and as fast as you can for a minute. Repeat this 4 times, for 20 mins, 6 times for 30 mins and 12 times for 60 mins. The intense workouts will really be challenging and get your metabolism fired up. In the intense workout you walk as fast as you can for 10 mins and back for the 20 – minute workout. For the 30 and 60 – minute walking workouts choose an incline or a hilly route this really adds a challenge to your walking work out.


  • Are walking workouts really effective?

Yes! Walking provides a steady cardio workout that is extremely effective in getting the heart to pump faster and burn calories.

  • Will using hand weights when walking help to burn more calories?

Carrying hand weights or strap-ons on your wrist may marginally increase the calories you burn. However adding an incline would be even more effective to the work out.

Running Workouts

If you decide to choose running or jogging as workout regime, you will feel super charged and refreshed. The time you choose to work out will be based upon your convenience. If you decide to go with GENTLE then you jog at a steady pace for the time chosen that 20, 30 or 60 mins. You could listen to music so that it keeps you going. If you decide to go with MODERATE then jog at a reasonable pace for 4 minutes, then pick up speed for and run for 1 minute. Repeat this exercise 4 times for 20 mins, 6 times for 30 mins and 12 times for 60 mins. For INTENSE run at a reasonable pace for 5 minutes followed by a sprint for 1 minute to be repeated 6 times. For 60 mins do the same at an incline.

Young Fitness Woman Runner


  • How can I stop the pain I get in my shins while running?

This is most likely the injury known as shin splints. This can be avoided by running on softer surfaces such as grass as well as having enough padding in your sneakers. However, if the problem persists, please see your medical practitioner.

  • Am I better off running on a treadmill or outdoors?

Outdoor running is wonderful because it provides fresh air and sets up natural challenges through different surfaces and different inclines. However, it maybe more convenient to run indoors when there is bad weather and also for comfort and safety. You can monitor your progress easily also on a treadmill.

Cycling Workouts

If you have decided to choose cycling workouts choose the time frame that is convenient to you also based on your energy levels. You will need a stopwatch to time your interval training. Outdoors or indoors on an exercise bike – the choice is entirely up to you.

If you prefer GENTLE then go with a mild pace on flat ground for 20, 30 or 60 mins. You could listen to music but if you are outdoors, please be fully aware of your surroundings and avoid wearing over-the-ears noise cancelling headphones. If you choose MODERATE cycle at a moderate pace for 3 mins then faster for 2 mins. Repeat this 4 times for a 20-minute workout, 6 times for a 30 min workout and 12 times for a 60 minute workout. For an INTENSE workout cycle at a moderate pace for 2 minutes then faster for 4 mins using some inclines as well. Repeat 5 times for a 30 – minute workout and 10 times for a 60 -minute workout.

yoFemale Bike Rider Bicycle


  • Will cycling bulk up my thighs?

This is a worry for most women but no cycling will simply tone up your thigh muscles, burn off calories, sculpt your body and give your legs a lovely athletic shape.

  • Why do I feel sore after a bike ride?

It depends on what you mean by sore. If your muscles are aching a bit it might just be a post-exercise healthy burn. However, if it is characterized by pain in the knees then you may have to adjust the seat higher or lower according to your height.

Swimming Workouts

If swimming is your choice of workout, it would be a good idea to check on your local swimming pool’s availability according to your schedule. You can choose your swimming workout according to your cardio fitness level.

If you choose GENTLE, swim as per your time frame that is 20, 30 or 60 mins at a moderate pace doing preferably breaststroke. If you choose MODERATE then alternate the time period between breaststroke and backstroke using fluidity in your movement. In case you choose INTENSE then swim at a fast pace for the length of time required alternating between strokes and use any time left to swim freestyle.


  • I feel self-conscious wearing a bathing suit and this stops me from swimming. How should I go about it?

The important thing is that if swimming is what you like as workout regime, then you needn’t let that stop you. You need to invest in a swimsuit that is flattering to your body type and that you are comfortable in.

  • I swim thrice a week. Is that good enough protection from osteoporosis later in life?

Swimming is a great all round exercise. Its good for cardio, strength and flexibility. Unfortunately it doesn’t specifically help to build stronger bones. For that purpose, weight training will help better.

Aerobics and Dance Workouts

If aerobics and dance workouts are your passion, then decide a time frame and an intensity level that suits you. Also in addition you do require a music system as you will need music to pep you up.

Woman Dancer High Leap

If your level is GENTLE do step touches, heel digs, knee lifts and alternate kicks in sets of 16. Repeat these accordingly for 30 and 60 min workouts. For the MODERATE workout do lateral arm with bicep curls and knee lifts with hands in the air, skip on the spot for a minute, heel digs with bicep curls all according to the time frame chosen. Now for the INTENSE workout regime, dance for 2 minutes to fast music then jump from side to side , skip on the spot for a minute and repeat according to 20 or 30 or 60 minute time chosen.

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  • I wear all my fitness gear when I go for my workout to the studio. However is this necessary for doing aerobics at home?

It is absolutely crucial to wear high quality well padded sneakers for your workout. However other than that if you don’t wish to wear any fashionable fitness gear, its absolutely upto you.

  • I struggle with my co ordination in aerobics and dance. What can be done?

Well its true that some people have better co ordination and can move to a beat or to the music relatively easily while some people lack it. But its also a matter of practice. The more you will move your body to the motion, the more accustomed your brain will get sending messages to your muscles resulting in better coordination. Practice makes one perfect!

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