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Corporate Yoga, Diet And Nutrition July 6, 2016

Wellintra Fitness is one of the best corporate wellness companies in Mumbai that helps the management of companies that care for employee wellness to devise effective weight loss programs, monitor goals and help tackle the growing epidemic of lifestyle diseases such as Diabetes, Hypertension, High BP etc. Caring for the well being of employees can help companies improve their bottom line because it is common knowledge by now that companies worldwide lose more revenue due to falling productivity levels of their employees than all other factors combines.

Corporate Wellness Company Mumbai

We like to use the analogy of an organisation and a motor car. The individual employees of an organisation make up the parts and components of the money-making and profitable machine that we call a company or an organisation. An organisation is a machine just like a motor vehicle. A car needs to be serviced frequently and greased failing which the individual parts will fail after long hours of wear and tear. You can extend the life of a car and an organist ion by taking care of it’s parts (employees) and ensuring that all parts are in good working condition.

One has to accept that the stress and strains of modern life is undoubtedly taking a huge toll on the mental and physical health of people. Most people agree that the main stresses in their lives emanate from their workplaces.

Stress is the New Epidemic

Stress manifests itself in many forms which can be segregated mainly under three headers:

1. 48% of people surveyed in a recent widely publicized poll, reported lack of sleep or wakefulness.
2. 43% suffered from irregular appetite, meaning either loss of appetite or stressful binges.
3. Majority, almost 77% reported constant headaches and body aches.

Employers Lose Big Time

Employees who suffer from stress suffer from reduced attention spans and working memory due to failing health and will ultimately not deliver what is expected from them and become frustrated. This in term not only affects his relationships but also his level of energy. Lets observe how a stressed-out employee costs his / her employer:

1. Loss in productivity
2. Decrease in motivation
3. Reduced job satisfaction
4. Increased absenteeism
5. Higher number of bad decisions

What the Company Loses

All this as we are all aware of finally affects the company either in terms of lower profits or higher cost per employee. Health-related work losses are estimated to cost US companies more than $300 billion each year. And we are excluding the direct medical compensation! India is not far off the mark and is heading in similar directions and even more so due to far worse infrastructure than the US and extremely poor and even non-existent quality of life and leisure time and activities.

Breaking the Cycle

So how do Indian companies begin to tackle this problem? Well accepting the problem is one. And two – start initiating wellness education and fitness activities on a regular activities in order to make employees more aware of the problem and help them tackle their health issues problem. Whether it be though one off nutrition workshops or through regular yoga or zumba classes within their premises, a little activity often goes a long way in ensuring that employees get the message that their health is in their hands! And if they do not take care of their health and eat right, their careers are going to be headed downhill and along with it the fortunes of their employers!

Watch some pictures below of Nutritionist Krupa Parekh deliver a power-packed diet and nutrition counseling session for the employees of a Global Investment Bank at their headquarters at the iconic Ceejay House, Worli. Following that our young and dynamic yoga instructor Kushboo took over and helped the employees do some meditation and yoga at her once-a-week yoga and meditation session at the premises of the company.

Yoga Helps Employees Relax

Khushboo conducts Therapeutic and relaxing yoga which include her own trademarked Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). Following her yoga sessions, most employees report a huge decrease in stress levels including decrease in psychological distress worries and feel calmer and much more in control.

Result Oriented

After a 20-minute session of Kushboo’s Hatha yoga sessions, our participants’ speed and accuracy was tested for the brain’s ability to maintain focus and take in, retain and use new information. A significant improvement was found in brain function. Memory, attention, cognition – were all improved significantly!


Particularly popular is Kushboo’s ‘OM’ chanting sessions. When participants at Kushboo’s yoga sessions chant Om for just 10 minutes, a synergistic effect is observed on the vital
systems i.e. heartbeat, breathing, brain waves, etc. along with reduction in stress indicators. Meaning: Frustration – gone! If you’d like to hire Kushboo for conducting stress-busting workshops or regular yoga sessions at your workplace, simply call us on 98206 07875.

Have a look at the pictures below and remember life is not a race, it’s a yoga class!

nutrition counselor mumbai
Krupa Starts her Diet Counseling Session.
Corporate Wellness Company
Krupa Explains Why Diet is Important
diet workshops in office
The Kishore Kumar Sydrome!
Dieticians Andheri
Keep the Portions Small
Diet nutrition workshops mumbai
Most common Questions: What Can I Eat?
wellness workshops mumbai
Listen Learn and Absorb!
Nutrition Consultants in Mumbai
Watch the Calories
Diet Consultants in Worli Mumbai
Anything Packaged is Bad!
dieticians in Andheri
Your Mamma was right – Eat More Veggies!
Wellness Consultants Mumbai
Stay Fit to Keep Earning!
nutrition consultants mumbai
Final Advice – Avoid Fads!
mumbai rainy pics
The Gorgeous View from the Cafetaria
Krupa parekh
Goodbye and Eat More Fruits!

Khushboo Takes Over

corporate yoga fitness
Khushboo starts herding everyone!
Employee Wellness Company
First Things First – Get the Shy Ones In!
corporate fitness trainers
Remove your Shoes and Relax!
fitness wellness at workplace
Some Om Meditation
wellness companies in south mumbai
This is so good!
wellness corporate yoga mumbai
Get Up and Loosen Up
yoga wellness at office
Some simple stretches
yoga instructor office mumbai
To get the blood flowing!
corporate yoga instructor
Loosening up the Joints
Yoga teacher for office
Fitness Company Mumbai
Touch the Toes
fitness for office
Time to Go Home!
Wellness Yoga Trainers Mumbai
Yoga In Raining Out!


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