power of ajwain
The Healing Powers of Ajwain

Ajwain is a popular spice in India that is prized for it’s ability to not only add taste to breads and biscuits but also for it’s power to cure everyday ills. Many Indians are more likely to drink a little omam water (ajwain seeds steeped in warm water) than to pop an aspirin for a headache, take a cough syrup for a common cold, an antacid for heartburn or an antihistamine for allergies. Continue reading →

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Why Diets Dont Work

Let us picturise a fat cell. Think of a tiny plastic balloon holding a drop of butter. Believe it or not, your body holds more than 40 billion fat cells. And if you are obese then you can multiply that number 2 or 3 times or more depending on your weight. Continue reading →

Type of Metabolism
What Metabolic Type Are You

Consider this: the eating habits of human beings have evolved over the last hundred thousand years. But unlike most of the other evolutionary changes, our eating habits may not really lead to the survival of the fittest. Just the opposite in fact, our eating habits may in fact lead to the extinction of the fittest! Continue reading →

Heath Benefits of Improved Flexibility

Having adequate flexibility in one’s body is of utmost importance and should be one of the self-professed goals of anyone who is serious about his / her long term fitness. Flexibility can be defined as the range of movement in a joint or in several joints and is developed by stretching the soft tissues primarily around the joints. Continue reading →

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