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Corporate Yoga, Employee Wellness January 18, 2019

For companies in India, the impact of lifestyle ailments and other chronic symptoms of a fast paced life of their employees do not reflect on their balance sheet. But modern day chronic illnesses and ailments are becoming more common in almost all workplaces in India. By confronting the health problems of employees in a systematic manner, companies can reap substantial benefits – in the form of increased productivity and lower healthcare costs and in turn set in motion positive changes that will impact the lives of their employees in more ways than one.

Over the past few years, we have been collaborating with various companies both big and small to:

a. Build the case for improving wellness at the workplace

After an initial study of the current state of health of a company’s employees we set out to link bottom-line impacts (lost productivity and higher healthcare costs) to chronic disease, chronic diseases to modifiable behaviours, and behaviours to interventions. Companies are then able to measure the ROI of a wellness program in the same way it can measure the ROI of say, an initiative to modernise it’s IT system.

b. Develop a comprehensive approach for addressing chronic disease.

By establishing a better understanding of the cause and effect of a chronic disease is only the first step towards developing a results-oriented wellness program. Success of a wellness program depends on a number of factors that include solid analytics, corporate engagement and a mix of activities that both succeed in modifying behaviour of employees and also creates a conducive environment to reinforce the changes.

At Shubhada Polymers, we have started a comprehensive wellness program that includes regular yoga sessions by our corporate Yoga trainer Devanshi. Have a look at some pictures of a wellness session in progress below:

Best Office Yoga Company India

Desktop Yoga Shubhada Polymers

Corporate Employees Doing Yoga

Office Yoga at Company

Wellness Companies Instructors

Yoga Instructors for Offices

Top wellness companies Mumbai

Wellness Companies Sessions

Yoga Instructors for companies

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