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3 Minutes To Better Biceps

Disclaimer: Your must get your doctor’s approval before beginning this exercise program. These exercises shown below are not medical guidleines but are for the purpose of eductaion only. Your must consult your doctor before starting this program and in case you have any medical condition or prior injury that bars physcial activity. Continue reading →

power of ajwain
The Healing Powers of Ajwain

Ajwain is a popular spice in India that is prized for it’s ability to not only add taste to breads and biscuits but also for it’s power to cure everyday ills. Many Indians are more likely to drink a little omam water (ajwain seeds steeped in warm water) than to pop an aspirin for a headache, take a cough syrup for a common cold, an antacid for heartburn or an antihistamine for allergies. Continue reading →

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