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As a fitness and wellness company, we offer fitness and medical counseling to a wide range of companies across Mumbai and Delhi. HR Departments in a lot of big and small-sized companies are waking up to the fact that healthy employees are key to the successful operations of an organisation and by monitoring employee health and providing wellness solutions at the workplace, they can create an ideal work environment where good health and profitability go hand in hand. Let us look at some of the ways that conducting fitness activities like yoga or Zumba at the workplace can help employees.

1. Ease

It is easy to commit to a fitness schedule when you do not have to travel to the gym or to a yoga studio and when the fitness trainer comes to you! Not everyone has the financial ability to pay the high fees that a personal trainer would demand. Nevertheless attending group yoga sessions at the workplace in a group setting can not only ensure that employees get their weekly quota of exercise but also act as a bonding sessions with their co-workers. It is a win-win situation for all!

2. Relaxation

Most employees in today’s world have to juggle long travel hours, long work hours and the demands of their family. This leaves zero time for oneself with the result that stress and tension is at an all-time high. High stress can be a killer and lead to lifestyle diseases such as hypertension, Obesity, High BP and Diabetes. Yoga at the workplace can help employees relax and allow them me-time time in a peaceful environment. Corporate Yoga Trainers know the pain points of most employees and by helping them incorporate deep breathing exercises, employees will learn how to be more more mindful and focussed and help them relax and rest their mind with the result that they can come back to work rejuvenated and with more energy to tackle problems creatively and effortlessly.

3. Pain Relief

Most employees who have no time for exercise or do minimum physical activities suffer from a whole host of health problems that undermines their performance and does not enable them to perform to their best abilities. The most common ailments include neck pain, wrist pain and back pain. If left untreated, these can become chronic requiring total bed rest and thus putting a spoke in their careers and also hampering productivity at an organisation. Yoga is the most natural form of pain-relief ever invented. By improving oxygenation within your body and by effectively stretching your bones and muscles, Yoga can heal any minor or even chronic internal and external injury. All this must happen under the supervision and expert guidance of a trained and certified yoga instructor of course.

At a recent day long, employee training event organised by Ottobock India – a reputed artificial limb (prosthetic arms and legs) fitting company, our Corporate Yoga Instructor Tarika assisted by Yoga Trainer Vibha helped their 80 odd employees understand the importance of yoga with the help of a 2 hour interactive and fun sessions. The event started at 4 pm at the sea facing lawns of the Resort Hotel at Madh Marve Beach on the outskirts of Mumbai. Employees took away some helpful hints on yoga stretches and meditative practices that they can practise in the confines of their homes and office while at the same time bonding with other employees and having a good time at the end of it all! Have a look at some of the fun pictures from the event below:

Chair yoga at office

Mats on the Floor. Get Set Go!

Corporate Yoga Event

Tarika Takes Centerstage!

Corporate Wellness company Mumbai

Employees Pay Attention!

Corporate Yoga Company

Arms on Hips

Wellness Company India

Lower Body Strength

Yoga Company India

Some Laughter Yoga!

Best Yoga Instructor Mumbai

Tarika in her Elements

Yoga Instructors Mumbai

Yoga Trainer Vibha Helping Around

yoga teachers india

Tarika on her Feet

Corporate Fitness

Vajrasana for Stiff Knees

Wellness Camp Outdoor

Wellness Boot Camp

Corporate Yoga

Showing it As it Is

Corporate Yoga in Mumbai India

The Garuda Pose

Corporate Yoga Trainer Tarika

Some Words of Encouragement from a Yoga Trainer

Eye Relaxation Pose

Relax those Weary Eyes

Female Corporate Trainer Mumbai

Corporate Fitness Trainers in Mumbai

Female Yoga Teacher

Women Come First!

Fitness Events in Mumbai

Twist and Shout!

Yoga Trainer Profiles India

Relaxing Those Stiff Shoulders

Fitness Trainers for Corporate Companies

Raise Your Hands If you Like It!

Wellness Companies in India

Show and Tell

Laughter Yoga

Namaste to you too!

Ergonomics Chair Yoga

Try This for Better Posture

Office Yoga Chair Yoga

Some Side Stretches

Office Yoga Company Mumbai

Stretch Those Hamstrings

Outdoor Corporate Fitness Session

Vibha Moves Around

Outdoor Yoga Sessions

Its the Cradle-a-Baby Pose!

Corporate Yoga Session

This is Better Than I Imagined

Outdoor Fitness Event

Remember Those PT Drills?!

Pretty Indian Yoga Instructor

Remember to Breathe Deeply

Office Yoga Company Mumbai

Namaste Behind Your Back!

Top Wellness Company India

Get Your Partner and Go!

Wellness Company in Mumbai

What a Great Shot

Yoga Wellness at Workplace

Hand Stretches

Yoga at Workplace

Rotate Those Arms

Corporate Workplace Yoga

Vibha Helping Out

Yoga for Corporate Companies

Not as Tough As it Looks!

female yoga teacher outdoor

Shutting Off The Outside World

Female Yoga Instructors in Mumbai

Tying Yourself in a Knot

Yoga Instructor Tarika Rao

That’s What I am Talking About!

Office Yoga Outdoor Event

Some Hand Holding

Yoga Trainer Corporate

Do it Like Me!

Number 1 Yoga Wellness Company

Had a Good Time?

Yoga Wellness Trainers Mumbai

One Last Stretch

Shavasana at Outdoor Yoga

Shavasana – Finally!

Corporate Wellness Retreat Mumbai

Time to Relax by the Pool!


Outdoor Yoga
The Resort Madh Marve Beach, Madh-Marve Road, Aksa Beach, Malad West,Mumbai,Maharashtra -400095
Started on
January 28, 2017
Ended on
January 28, 2017

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