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Desktop Yoga at Diebold Nixdorf

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At Wellintra we believe that slowly but surely we are making the world a happier and healthier place. Our trainers conduct desktop yoga sessions at many companies helping employees switch off from work for a while. A lot of times, having an office yoga trainer come down and conduct weekly sessions is just the motivation that a lot of employees need because one can get hypnotized to the desktop or laptop screen in front of you resulting in bad posture, deteriorating eyesight and other problems. When you are so focussed on the screen in front of you, you tend to lose track of your body posture and gradually your back becomes slouched, legs are spread apart and the head is tilted at an uncomfortable angle for long periods of time. If you are a workaholic meaning that you derive a lot of joy from sitting in an airconditioned cubicle all day long then chances are high that you suffer from pain in atleast one of the following problem areas of your body:

1. stomach

2. lumbar back

3. middle back

4. cervical area

5. shoulder

Most computer tables in offices worldwide have been designed to hold drawers and cabinets with the result that there is hardly any space for the legs to stretch out comfortably. This results in vein problems in the legs leading to sciatic pain along the sides of the legs. Again staring at a screen for hours on end can lead to weakened eyesight and affect your brain and blood circulation. Most people tend to think that the solution to all these problems is ergonomic adjustments such as correct position of the chair and workstation. But these changes will only result in decreasing the problems and not eliminate them entirely.

What is needed is ample activity throughout the day and awareness of the importance of yoga in the modern world. Productivity is not about working long hours but working with the right frame of mind. Our desktop yoga sessions go a long way in helping people become free of all problems, diseases aches and pains. Our trainers Madhuri, Priyanka, Sanchita and Neeti recently conducted a one-off desktop yoga session for employees of Diebold Nixdorf – an American IT Security firm. Have a look at pictures of the workshop below:

office yoga at companies

Yoga Trainer Madhuri Does some warm ups

Employees Doing Yoga

Reach for the Sky

Mass Yoga at an Event

Mass Yoga in Unison

Desktop yoga

Relaxing the Shoulders

Best Yoga Trainers Mumbai

For Frozen Shoulders

Beautiful Yoga Teachers India

Neeti Gives a Demo

Yoga Trainer Priyanka Sharma

Yoga Trainer Priyanka Gives a Demo

Employees Doing Desltop Yoga

Hear no Evil!

Office Employees Doing Stretching

Desktop Yoga in the Aisles!

Yoga Trainer Sanchita

Arm Stretches

Yoga International Day India

Team Building

yoga instructors in India

Sanchita Takes the stage

Corporate Yoga Demos

Toe Stretches

Corporate Yoga Instructors

Tricep & Shoulder Stretches

Employees Do Yoga at Diebold Nixdorf

Yoga with Sanchita

This is how we do it!

Employees Doing Yoga

Fun Fitness

yoga instructors training people

Office Employees Yoga Mumbai

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