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Prenatal Yoga June 8, 2017

Yoga classes during pregnancy is now becoming increasingly popular with parents in Indian cities. This is an encouraging sign because it shows that mothers are more willing to set aside time and money to enjoy pregnancy as they prepare for childbirth. It must be remembered though that the teaching of prenatal yoga can be highly challenging because expectant mothers have a very limited range of movement. This is mostly because of unnatural and sustained sitting positions which is a by-product of the modern lifestyle.

Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga

At the outset we must warn expectant mothers not to pick up a yoga book and start doing yoga during pregnancy on their own. It takes special training and a deep understanding of the human anatomy to be able to lead a group of mothers or an individual through a safe and effective prenatal yoga program. Let us stress on the benefits of pregnancy yoga. Public health research around the world has proven that stress reduction during the months of pregnancy not only aids in the brain development of babies in the womb but also helps both mother and baby during the immediate months following pregnancy and in early childhood. Researchers have come to the conclusion that yoga, massage and listening to calm relaxing music as activities can reduce stress during the pregnancy months. Practising yoga during pregnancy is now not only highly recommended by doctors and medical practitioners but the practise has also gained recognition as the only holistic program for pregnancy woman that can enhance the mental and emotional health of our future generations.

Supporting Pregnant Mothers

A good prenatal yoga teacher is passionate about supporting pregnant mothers emotionally. This is important because pregnancy is a period of time when a woman’s physical and emotional health depends on mentoring and support. Pregnancy yoga can also improve the final outcome of childbirth. An ideal prenatal yoga trainer’s classes will bring the bond between mother and baby closer than ever. There are lots of physical benefits to practising yoga during pregnancy. First of all regular practise of yoga can help a mother to become strong and thus feel more energetic. It maximises the absorption of nutrients by improving digestive health. In turn, a vibrant and physically strong and nourished mother will be able to enjoy a smoother pregnancy and recover fast in the postnatal weeks. More importantly the practise of prenatal yoga will give her the stamina that she needs to fulfil the near-constant attention that the newborn infant will demand.

The Solution – Prenatal Yoga Trainers

In our busy world, most women are trying to juggle the demands of a stressful commute and job with the demands that parenthood places upon them and the outcome is nothing short of challenging. Hiring a prenatal yoga trainer to come home and teach you will help you dictate the time when you would like to practise and thus fit yoga easily into your daily schedule. Our prenatal yoga trainers are adept at teaching yoga to complete beginners as well as those who have been practising yoga for years. The ideal yoga sessions during pregnancy will involve strengthening dynamic poses with restorative relaxing asanas. Both these kind of asana practise is important during pregnancy when a woman’s energy levels fluctuate and vary wildly. Our teachers recognize the fact that some days you might feel strong and energetic and want to do more active asanas that can build strength and stamina. On some other days you might be more keen on doing pranayama or breathing exercises. Whatever be the case, our pregnancy yoga trainers will help prepare you for a smooth and uncomplicated labour.

How Much Should You Practice

We are often asked about how regularly must one practise yoga during pregnancy and how much time must each session last. Well, ideally you must practise everyday if you have the time but if you can manage even three sessions a week, it’s alright. As you practise you will find the motivation to do yoga longer and more regularly due to the positive effects on your wellbeing.

The ideal yoga practice during pregnancy is a balanced one. Your session will start slowly and smoothly and move to stronger poses and again finish with gentle asanas. Also your session will include breathing techniques, affirmations, meditation and visualizations. As you do your yoga, you must remember to tune in to the good feelings that emanate within you. Do your practise with self-acceptance and without casting any judgements on your abilities or your looks. Start to enjoy the freedom that you are creating within yourself. Enjoy the feeling of letting go and deepening the connection with your baby.

Nothing Called Perfect Birth

Yoga is not about achieving the perfect pose. One of the main reasons that Yoga is beneficial during pregnancy is because it makes us concentrate on our bodies and helps to bring us into a state that aids labour. When we are able to disconnect from the thinking part of our brain, we become guided by the deeper intelligence that lies dormant within us. There is no ideal situation for a ‘perfect birth’. Anything can happen inspite of how well prepared you may be. Yoga helps you to accept whatever direction your birth takes and helps you to keep an open mind.

Yoga during pregnancy is suitable to be practised from the second trimester onwards post an approval letter from your doctor. Most doctors now approve of yoga during pregnancy and realise that practising yoga and meditation during pregnancy can improve the birthing process and reduce the chances of developing backache, hip ache, pelvic floor problems and postnatal depression apart from improving a pregnant woman’s general well-being. While practising yoga during pregnancy, always listen to your body and stop if something does not feel correct or if you feel dizzy, nauseous or experience pain.

Wear loose and comfortable clothing while doing the asanas. Ideally practise with bare feet. It is best to practise yoga on an empty stomach but you can have a light snack like a piece of fruit or some juice. Always use a non-slip rubber yoga mat and if you are leaning on furniture, ensure that the furniture is secure and steady. Practice using props like cushions and bolsters if you feel uncomfortable.

The prenatal yoga trainers who are empaneled with Wellintra Fitness will inspire pregnant women to embrace motherhood and look forward to the first tender moments when they hold the bundle of joy in their arms!

Below is a picture card that you can download and save on your mobile phone as a ready reference for yoga poses that can be safely done during pregnancy.

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