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Hypnobirthing July 25, 2016

The thought uppermost in the minds of most pregnant mothers is usually childbirth. A lot of mothers have trouble deciding whether to go in for a natural childbirth or to take the simpler route and have themselves medicated throughout the most painful parts of the birth of their child.

Hypnobirthing in Mumbai

Regardless of whichever option that a mother decides is the best for herself and her child, every mother must consider preparing their minds and bodies for something that is called Hypnobirth. There are a lot of questions that usually go on in the minds of a pregnant mother. Thoughts such as: So what exactly is a hypnobirth; how it is done; would this be the correct plan for me and my baby; will a hypnobirth eliminate the need for pain medications. We will attempt to answer a few of these questions with the help of this article.

Hypnobirth is Natural

Let us start with saying that Hypnobirthing is the natural reenactment of a method that has been used for thousands of years by our ancestors. According to this method, if one correctly trains the mind and and the body to let go of all the fears, stresses and tensions during childbirth, then a woman can experience a birthing experience that is free of pain and discomfort. By not focusing on the pain and discomfort side of things, mothers will be able to fully focus on bringing the life inside of them into the outside world.

For this method to work, pregnant mothers will have to take the time to learn about their bodies. During Hypnobirthing, mothers will be able to make the time to learn about their bodies apart from learning to make use of all the muscles of her body that are in use during the birthing process. The body is more in harmony when your body is in a more serene and relaxed state of mind. Hypnobirthing can teach mothers how to attain this relaxed state of mind, letting your maternal instincts take over for a birthing experience that is far more comfortable. Hypnotherapy does not mean that there will be some person who will be hynotizing you with a pendulum something! Actually you will be in a self-induced trance which will feel in some ways similar to a day dream. The trance-like state will help you to focus more clearly on your baby. Your body will be completely responsive and you will feel light, comfortable and relaxed. You will also be able to feel and understand what is going on within your body but since you have trained your mind to overcome the pain, you will only feel no more than a little bit of contractions.

A word of caution though: Although Hypnobirthing may sound like a first class birth plan to many expectant mothers who may be reading this article, it may not be the best birthing plan for you. To know for sure whether Hynobirthing is right for you, please discuss your thoughts first with your doctor. Every pregnancy is different and and the safest outcome for you and your baby may be Hypnobirth or maybe a different type of birthing plan.

Hypnobirthing teachers in Mumbai

After you are sure that you want to try out Hypnobirthing, the next step should be to find a hypnobirthing class that is close to you. Or you could consider hiring a hypnobirthing teacher. The most important aspect is to ensure that the person under whom you will be training has been certified by the Hypnobirthing Institute and possesses an authentic Hypnobirthing certificate. There are many Hypnobirthing teachers in Mumbai and Wellintra fitness has some of the best hypnobirthing teachers in Mumbai.

What’s in the Course

There are lots of new and interesting stuff that you and your birthing partner will be learning once you start the course. There are five Hypnobirthing classes that last for 2.5 hrs each session. The most common questions that may pop in your mind right now is: What exactly goes on in these classes? Is it only meditation that you focus on in order to induce the trance-like state that you can induce during birth? Do the classes focus on you and your baby too?

To begin with, the child birthing class will show you many things that you need to know. Apart from being able to put yourself into a self-induced trance so as to be able to give birth in a less pain-free manner, you will also be taught how to bond with your child before and after he / she is born. A Hypnobirthing instructor will show you how to perform different types of meditation such as self-relaxation, deepening, breathing techniques, hypnotic relaxation and visualization. These and other techniques help a woman tremendously when she is about to give birth. The Hypnobirthing classes will also prepare your body in a physical way with the help of massaging and toning and also light touch labour massages.

Other topics touched upon will be prenatal bonding techniques for mother and child, the history of women and childbearing, how to prepare for home birth, settling in at the hospital and also how you and your husband (and also any other children) can bond with the new baby. Hypnobirthing classes provide you lots of information that will prepare you mentally and physically for the delivery. Classes are available for the entire period of your pregnancy. For women who are approaching labour date, one-0n-one classes can also be scheduled between you and your practitioner who is teaching the class.

Do remember that these childbirth classes will not only teach you some life-enhancing exercises to use during the birthing process but it will also help you and your partner adjust to a new life with your newborn child. Hypnobirthing is an excellent working birthing method that all expectant parents in India should consider. Hypnobirthing can ease an expectant mother’s delivery fears and help her cope with one of the most important events in her life. Most importantly, the classes will ensure that her baby is born into a calm, safe and happy environment!


Prenatal yoga specialistsMansi Shah is a maternity with prenatal and postnatal expertise who offers a holistic approach with physical and psychological requirements of a birthing mother. Mansi is also a certified Hypnobirthing Instructor and believes in preparing the mother for a natural birth by empowering her to be in-charge of her own body and birth. Mansi applies calming and relaxation techniques apart from exercises not only for labor and birth but also for the prenatal period allowing the parents to bond with the child before its birth. You can attend Mansi’s prenatal sessions in Juhu and Andheri West at Wellintra’s Fitness & Nutrition Centres or call her to your home for personal training sessions (in Mumbai only). Call on 98206 07875 for more information.

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