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Personal Training Tips January 19, 2015

A lot of people make new year resolutions to stay fit. In fact the first 3 – 4 months of a new year are the busiest for us. But then come April or May and these same people give up their routines on some pretext or another. This theory is repeated again and again for 90 % of people. Why do people derail their physical fitness routines and their lives? It is counter intuitive to start something and then stop suddenly. Let me highlight the negative fall outs of this by dwelling on a little bit of physics. It is a well known fact that trying to get an object which is at rest to start moving requires a lot more energy than it does when it is already moving. Have you seen a rocket launching off? Almost 90% of the power is used on the initial thrust – on just getting those thousands of tonnes of metal into the air. The remaining 10 % is all that is required to keep that rocket going. However if that rocket strays off course, then it will require a huge amount of energy again to get it back on track and if the rocket goes too far off course then it will not be able to complete it’s mission. All the initial energy that it consumed to leave Earth was all wasted.

Life Which is the Ultimate Challenge is Not a Race to the Finish but A Process of Continuous Growth & Discovery

The same rule applies to the process of transformation of our bodies. Everything in our life including the act of starting off a physical fitness of yoga routine depends on the act of ‘getting started’! This is by far the most challenging stage of the process. After you have started working out according to a schedule charted out by our personal trainers, you are already generating a considerable amount of momentum. You only have to keep it going and you will soon be experiencing impressive results. UNLESS – you stray off course. Then you lose the momentum and you fall back to earth with a thud! It happens to the best of us – people are going great working out, doing yoga, pilates, zumba, martial arts etc. for a few months and bam! They quit suddenly due to a variety of reasons or excuses as I call them.

Why BAM! Should Not Rule Your Life

What I am about to share with you are effective solutions to the challenges that lie ahead for anyone desirous of starting a physical fitness regime. Try and visualise this: For the first time in a long time in your life or perhaps the first time in your life all aspects of your life are coming together and fitting together harmoniously. You have successfully transformed your past regressive patterns of action and you are cruising along comfortably in the direction of your life’s goals.

You are looking better than you have ever looked in your life. That stubborn fat that I was talking about in an earlier article is melting away. In the place where stubborn fat once ruled, there is now pure gleaming muscle. You are getting stronger and healthier and you are on your way to a rich and more fulfilling life. You feel like nothing can stop you and then BAM! The unexpected happens. Adversity strikes. Something goes wrong. These ‘hits’ can come from any direction. It could be an injury that makes it difficult to exercise. It could be the loss of your job or the failure of a business venture, an illness, the end of a relationship or worst of all, a personal tragedy.  Truth of the matter is that Adversity hits all of us all the time and not just ‘once in a blue moon’. No one person on this planet is exempted from this no matter how rich or successful he or she might be. When trouble arrives in whatever form or shape, the physical fitness routine is the one that is most likely to come to a screeching halt. It destroys your momentum, cripples self-confidence and sends one into a tailspin – a situation where things generally don’t go your way.

Unfortunately there is no training system, supplement or ‘miracle pill’ that can make you immune to adversity. But does that mean there is nothing you can do about it? YES and NO. Obviously you cannot prevent bad fortune from happening to you because their causes are beyond your control. But what you can do is expect adversity as an indispensable part of your life. In fact, you must always expect that life will never coast along smoothly so that you will never be unduly ruffled by it. Remember the adage: “The Only People Who Don’t Have any Problems Are In Their Graves!” Also if problems do not come our way, our character will never be fully tested. Those who have the courage to succeed despite all odds become an inspiration to others.

So during the course of your training regimen and when you are cruising along comfortably and you are feeling good locked in the groove of your daily fitness program, whenever you happen to encounter adversity, immediately ask yourself, ‘What Can I do to turn this negative around to positive?’ or ‘How can I make this work for me instead of against it?’

When you start to approach the obstacles in this manner, you will experience an immediate surge in energy and confidence. Begin to look at the problems that come up in life as a bridge and not a wall that you can use to move onto greater achievements. Problems can also mean the opening of doors and not their closing. When adversity strikes, don’t let it nudge you away from your yoga classes or your personal training sessions that you have been working at so hard for in the past few months or years. This approach is not only the right way to handle problems but it is the only way!


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