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Corporate Yoga July 1, 2015

As fitness and wellness partners to a number of Mumbai’s corporate companies, we deliver tailor made Corporate Health and Fitness Solutions to help desk bound employees improve their general wellness as well as use yoga therapy to correct musculoskeletal, body alignment and pain associated with poor lifestyle and sedentary habits.

Corporate Yoga / Office Yoga Workshop in Mumbai

At a Kandivali-based pharma manufacturing company, our Yoga Trainer Akshaya delivered a Corporate Yoga Session to 60 odd employees at the company’s conference room in three batches of 90 minutes duration each. At the interactive and fun filled session, the employees were made to first undergo a general fitness and flexibility analysis following which simple but effective yoga and other flexibility exercises were demonstrated and taught to employees. Have a look at the photos below and if you’d like us to visit your company for similar sessions, feel free to contact us on 9820607875.

wellness yoga teacher mumbai
Get Under!


fitness wellness instructors mumbai
Dont break your back dude!


best yoga teachers in mumbai
Deadline Tension? No problem – Try This!
yoga trainer instructor in mumbai
Can you hear the joints Creak?!!


corporate office yoga mumbai
Raise Your Hands If You Want a Salary Raise!!


corporate yoga trainer mumbai
Twist and Relax


instructor for yoga in mumbai home office
Stress Relief For Joint Stiffness


office yoga companies trainers mumbai
Gently Does It


Yoga Trainers For Office Mumbai
This Beats Gossiping At The Cafetaria!


best yoga trainer for corporates mumbai
Loosen Up Those Limbs
Hail The Office Yoga Instructor!


yoga trainers for mumbai
Use The Humble Chair to Stretch!
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