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At Wellintra Fitness we conduct a variety of Wellness & Corporate Yoga Programs for companies of all shapes and sizes (pun intended). Obesity and lifestyle related health problems are on the rise in India today especially amongst the youth because of bad eating habits, long working hours and little to no physical activity. Couple that with stress and you have a recipe for a wide range of psychological and physical health issues that can potentially cripple a young person’s career and limit his / her chances for career growth and advancement. We have observed that digital media agencies in India’s metro cities have a particularly toxic and potentially lethal cocktail of work conditions that contributes to early onset of health issues for it’s predominantly young working populations. The work is exciting but the work hours are long and treacherous with the result that the employees are desk-bound indoors most of the days ingesting fast food that is bereft of nutrition and have no real physical activity.  Add to that smoking and endless cups of tea and coffee and it is little wonder that young working employees complain frequently of headaches, muscle and joint pain apart from concentration issues and depression.

HR Managers are waking up to the fact that they need to do something about this before it is too late. Which is why we conducted a recent yoga session with Corporate Yoga Instructor Bhumika for employees of The Glitch – a digital media agency situated in Andheri West, Mumbai. A few of their employees attended the session where Bhumika put them through the motions with stretches – sitting, standing as well as pranayama and meditation. The employees left the session feeling rejuvenated and refreshed and looking forward to the next session. Watch some pictures from the session below:

Corporate Yoga at the Glitch

Work those Knees

Yoga Trainers in Mumbai

Getting ready for the downward Dog

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The Media Warriors!

Yoga at Corporate

Yoga Trainer Bhumika

Yoga at Glitch

Whoever Said Yoga Was Easy

Corporate Office Yoga Instructors

Office Yoga Session in Progress

partner yoga at corporate company

Partner Yoga Sessions in Progress

Top Corporate Wellness Instructor

Corporate Wellness Sessions

Best Yoga Instructors

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Yoga Instuctors South Mumbai

Corporate Yoga

Desktop yoga instructors

Bhumika does some explaining

Yoga at Office Event

Some much needed R & R

Top Yoga Instructors for Office


Office Yoga Trainer Bhumika

Some deep stretches

Yoga Group M

Employees Doing Office Yoga

Yoga Instructors for Office

End with Relaxation


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