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Personal Training Tips, Workout February 10, 2015

Not every fitness instructor will agree with the below list of common errors in bodybuilding. But most of them ring true as they are based on years and years of research and experience in the world of fitness and bodybuilding.

1. Over training. Any workout that lasts over 45 minutes is over training and the benefits to your health dips after that.

2. Working out at a slow pace.

3. Full Situps and Leg Raises.

4. Working out the abdominal muscles in every workout.

5. Doing Upper body and leg exercises on the same day.

6. Not touching the chest to the bar during chinning.

7. Not touching all four bells together during dumb bell bench work. (it’s mostly deltoid work if not performed this manner).

8. Doing deep knee bends.

9. Leg presses.

10. Overworking a muscle by performing too many exercises on a given muscle group.

11. Cheating exercises.

12. One arm exercises.

13. Mixing carbs and proteins.

14. Behind neck chins on Pull Down machine.

15. Not working hyperextensions and forearms on every upper body day.

16. Skipping breakfast.

17. Not arching back on lat work.

18. Not selecting correct exercises for deficient muscle areas.

19. Not keeping chin aligned to chest, feet under face and elbows wide on parallel dips for pecs.

20. No knowledge of combining exercises.

21. Not changing program often enough.
22. No knowledge of breaking out of a rut.

23. Not specialising enough on slow growing areas.

24. Not taking supplements.

25. Lack of concentration during workouts.

26. Not having experts answer your doubts and queries.

27. Unwillingness to accept new or different concepts of exercising.

28. Jogging!

29. Not taking enough rest between workouts.

30. No Fitness Goals.


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