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Diet And Nutrition, Health Tips, Workout January 16, 2015

Every person on earth has a huge number of fat cells within their bodies. In fact, if you are a healthy person with normal body composition, then you will have around 30 billion fat cells. That is really a huge number if you come to think about it.

Did you ever wonder why you have so many fat cells? Have you wondered what those fat cells are there for?

Fat Cells Are Genetic

The answer to those questions is: fat cells are a part of our genetic code and they enable us to use stored energy when food resources are scarce. It is a survival mechanism and it works the same today as it did ten thousand years before. However there is an over abundance of food in modern society and we no longer need to store as much fat to survive. When you consume more calories than you require, your body goes into storage mode for the ‘lean periods’ but in reality the lean times never come! So your body simply stores those excess calories as fat. When you consume fewer calories than what your body demands then your fat cells begin to release stored fat as energy. It looks like a really simple equation but then one has to remember that not all fat is the same.

Placement of Fat Deposits in Your Body

The placement of fat deposits in your body will differ greatly from person to person depending on your genetic influences, lifestyle and dietary choices. Men tend to store fat around their stomachs and chest whereas women tend to store it around their hips, butts, thighs and the backs of their arms.

Why You Fail to Lose Fat

Most people who are trying to lose weight fail to account for one major factor which often becomes a stumbling block to long term success. Fat loss routines and fitness programmes are approached with great vigour and enthusiasm. So they lose weight and start feeling great. But then, they cant seem to lose ALL the fat that they want to lose. They will lose fat successfully for a period of time, but eventually they will hit a plateau and get stuck just before all the fat is completely gone. This is commonly known as plateauing. Due to this, a lot of people lose their initial burst of enthusiasm and return to their older lazier days. And that is when the body fat comes back in full force. And every time you attempt to lose body fat yet again, it takes longer and requires more expenditure of energy and effort.

The Solution For Stubborn Fat

So what is the real solution to fight stubborn unwanted fat you ask. Actually the answer is quite simple: You must understand how fat cells work and how to effectively move beyond the ‘plateau’ and lose the last bit of body fat which is what I call ‘stubborn fat’.

I have worked with scores of clients and most of them have had a good deal of stubborn fat. This fat can be very difficult to lose. It seems to be stuck on our bodies no matter how hard we seem to work out. Dieting doesnt help either because most modern diets and weight loss programs seem to work in the beginning but they never really address this important area of fat loss – removing that last bit of stubborn fat.

The Big Question

Now that you have understood what stubborn fat is, the question is: How do you alter your nutrition, exercise and lifestyle to get rid of this resistant body fat? Simple call us and we will ensure that you get rid of that stubborn fat. Our three week stubborn fat programme outlined below will produce dramatic results in just three weeks. After this initial three week phase, you can rotate the stages in your life to get continued and even better results.

Stage 1 – Week 1

Detoxify Your Liver

Stage 2 – Week 2

High Fat for fuel changeover

Stage 3 – Week 3

Food reintroduction

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